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Everything You Need to Know About Detoxing

There is help, if you or a loved one is afflicted by alcohol abuse. At Resurgence, the first measure to sobering up and moving right to recovery. You can recuperate in comfort and mind at our amazing detox center in Anaheim California and make your life back. Resurgence presents treatment with a detox model in a home-like environment, so each of our patients’ remains as comfortable as you can during the process.

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*As required by law, all communications with Resurgence Behavioral Health are HIPAA Compliant and 100% Confidential

Is Detox Alcohol Needed?

A common problem in the United States is alcoholism, with approximately 15 million Americans reportedly suffering from alcohol dependence or misuse. Research shows that alcohol impacts the body adversely and disrupts many of the organs processes.

Alcohol has only negative effects upon the brain, however, many people think the following illustration indicates that alcohol affects many other areas of the body. Alcohol therapy can help, but the first stage is to stop drinking and before going into rehab.

Since alcohol addiction disturbs so many parts of the body, a qualified detox specialist must supervise an appropriate alcohol detox regimen.

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Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms, Duration and Risks

Alcohol interacts with the GABBA and brain dopamine receptors that change the way the body works and utilizes GABBA. The body starts to generate fewer neurotransmitters over several months or more of frequent and severe drinking. When you recover, the body adjusts rapidly to a change in your body’s GABA. These symptoms can range from smaller symptoms of cold and influenza, to dangerous convulsions and delirium tremens.

The severity of symptoms depends on alcohol consumption, body weight, metabolism and other variables, such as genetics.

What Is the Process of Treating Alcohol?

2-12 Hours

The signs of withdrawal begin to appear with the most important and visible signs of cravings. Cravings may also be rather intense, and may include shaking or shaking, physical sickness, anxiety or depression, irritability, increased cardiac rates and blood pressure, sleeplessness (insomnia), and tremors. These symptoms continue to deteriorate as a result of detoxification.

1-3 Days

In this case, the worst signs of alcohol retraction grow and spike. Typically the first 2-3 days are the most difficult and the most dangerous. Medical surveillance is critical for heavily addicted patients. The risk of seizures is often strongly recommended for medication. Many patients suffer from hallucinations and convulsions, fast heart rate (which can be harmful for heart failures) and deteriorated early-day signs. About 5 percent of all patients recovering acquire delirium tremens, alcohol withdrawal disorders characterized by intense misunderstanding, hallucinations and convulsions.

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What to Expect in Alcohol Detox

At Resurgence, our alcohol detox method starts with the consumption method to determine the health, the background, medical background and psychiatric and emotional variables contributing to the dependence of every patient. This intake is utilized by our trained health team to monitor risk factors, seek additional complications such as co-curring mental illnesses and help every patient select the treatment option that best suits his or her needs.


Each patient is interviewed at our hospital where we can know more, determine the comforts of people and find out more about dependence and its proponents.

Medical Oversight

It is still essential that we have medical oversight, particularly as alcohol detox advances, we give also medically assisted rehabilitation. Licensed nurses are available throughout the day.

Treatment Methodologies

Detoxification by alcohol, requires care and therapy to decrease side effects and problems. A doctor will help improve the outcome of diseases and convulsions, discourage potential hazardous side effects, and decrease withdrawal harm.