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Addiction Treatment Center for Residents of Shavano Park

Resurgence Behavioral Health Addiction Treatment Center for Residents of Shavano Park

Best Detox & Rehab Center For Addiction for Residents of Shavano Park

Addiction is an epidemic that is sweeping the nation and affecting nearly 21 million American residents each day. While only 10% of those individuals seek treatment for their addiction, many are left feeling alone with no one to turn to in their greatest time of need. Shavano Park residents are no stranger to the effect of addiction and the turmoil it brings into your life. When you make the choice to join other Shavano Park residents in one of Resurgence Behavioral Health’s treatment centers, you will see the power of connection and support that comes from our clinical team and like-minded patients. We strongly believe the antidote to addiction is a powerful recovery community behind you, supporting each other in the same greater goal of living a full, happy life in recovery. 

When you enter into our detox and rehab programs, you immediately will feel empowered by the culture of acceptance and support that we model each day in our programs. We see you for the dynamic, multifaceted person you are. We don’t view our patients as merely ‘addicts’, we see you for the strong, resilient human beings you are that have been managing the ups and downs of life with the only tool you have known – drug use. This doesn’t reflect on you as a person, it simply shows that you are a survivor and have been able to manage incredibly diverse lifestyles and hardships all on your own. Our team wants to value your innate worth and respect the individual stories that brought you to us by empowering you to see the change you want to see within yourself. 

Through our comprehensive approaches to therapy and rehab treatment, you will be able to introspectively look within to find out what has been driving your addiction. Addiction is usually a symptom of a much larger emotional or physical concern. We want to help you uncover the true underlying factors that have impacted your addictive behavior. By using men of therapy that will provide you insight into your emotional regulation and ability to identify triggering emotions, thoughts, or behaviors you will complete our program fully self-aware and equipped to handle potential triggers that can arise in day-to-day life. 

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Drug Detox Program

It is common knowledge that drugs, prescription or illicit, have highly addictive components that create physical, emotional, and psychological dependence. However, no person with an addiction intentionally sets out to become dependent on a substance and, oftentimes, once the dependence has occurred it can feel like an uphill battle to get yourself off of the drugs. You want to release yourself from the chains of addiction but you have concerns. Many fear the withdrawal and detox process due to the overdramatized depictions in movies or tv shows and creates anxiety for what you can expect. 

The team at Resurgence is staffed with highly trained medical and clinical professionals that understand the multidimensional approach that needs to be applied when treating an addiction. Our medical team will be with you every step of the way as you slowly taper yourself off of these addictive drugs through medical treatments such as medication as well as giving you holistic measures to apply to your detox program. Typically, patients will experience a range of emotions when going through a detox program and, in some cases, patients want to leave detox due to the range of emotions and symptoms they are feeling. Emotional and psychological support is a necessary component of detox to help you navigate the feelings you’re experiencing and support you in remembering the recovery goals that brought you to treatment, to begin with. 

Alcohol Rehab for Residents of Shavano Park

Alcohol is one of the most commonly used substances that Americans reach for help for. The use of alcohol is tied to many social functions in life, associated as a way to relax after work with colleagues, or even a way to meet a potential significant another while at the bar. When you are in the throes of alcohol addiction, it can feel like alcohol is everywhere you go. Choosing to enter into inpatient alcohol rehab will give you the time and space to hit the reset button to learn new positive coping strategies and ways to enjoy life without the use of alcohol. 

Through our comprehensive treatment approaches, our clinical counselors will work with you to gain an understanding of how your use of alcohol progressed and evolved to the point of using it in excess to manage or mask how you are feeling. You will participate in individual and group therapy sessions where counselors will explore with you the emotions that are tied to your addiction. Often when someone is using excessively, there are painful memories of the past, negative self-perceptions, or traumatic incidents that you are trying to hide and avoid facing with the use of alcohol. Our counselors provide a safe, therapeutic space to look within and heal from the wounds of the past in order to change your drinking habits for the future. 

Drug Rehab for Residents of Shavano Park

Many Americans, and residents of Shavano Park, begin drug use, typically, for recreational use or as a means to mitigate pain. With the allure of a total escape from reality, it can quickly draw individuals under its addictive spell and, before you know it, you have developed a physical and emotional dependency on the drug

Drug rehab is a time for you to look within and uncover what has been the driving force of your addiction. More often than not, we find patients are using drugs as a means to cope with or push down intense emotional responses and memories. As you engage in individual and group therapy sessions, our clinical counselors will use methods of treatment such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) that will guide you in examining how your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors can impact your drug use. Often in the height of our addiction, the inability to manage unpleasant emotions, thoughts, or behaviors is the leading, driving force that turns people to use. Through our therapeutic process, you will learn the skills of emotional regulation and emotional awareness. 

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

When you are feeling empowered to make the change of eliminating addiction from your life, the last thing you want to worry about is if you can afford the cost. You are ready to embark on your recovery journey and Resurgence wants to support residents of Shavano Park in getting started today without worrying about financial constraints. 

When you complete your admission, we will get to know you and your financial situation better. From there, we can build your individualized treatment plan with options of payment financing. Resurgence values your opinion and desire to achieve a life of sobriety. We offer flexible treatment plans that will be sure to fit within your current budget parameters. 

How Long Is Detox?

Every person that enters into detox has their own unique story and history with drugs or alcohol. This makes it hard to predict how long your detox process will be as it is dependent solely on your biochemical makeup and personal history with addiction. 

When patients begin a detox, typically they will experience withdrawal symptoms for 7-10 days. Depending on the severity of your use, this time could be less or more. Patients will usually see a peak in their withdrawal symptoms between days 3-7. This can change for each patient depending on the drug of choice that they are detoxing from.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

How Long Is Rehab?

Resurgence values creating an individualized program for each of our patients. The length of time you will be in rehab is entirely up to you and what makes sense for your lifestyle. Treatment is not a one size fits all approach. Your story is unique to you and your rehab programming should reflect that. While we suggest our patients stay for a minimum of 30 days, you have the ability to extend your stay to 60 or 90-day options. Should you be unable to have an extended stay, there are support options such as our outpatient programs. 

30 Day (short term rehab)

It is said that making a lasting change takes up to 28 days. That is why industry standards ask patients to stay, at minimum, for 30 days. This gives you the time and space to get situated within our rehab center, make meaningful connections with other patients and counselors, and partake in our therapy options that will provide you with the emotional clarity and tools you need to stay in a life of recovery. 

Long Term Rehab (60-90 Days)

Giving yourself more time to focus and heal yourself is always a good option if you have the capacity and time to do so. The longer you can be in an inpatient rehab program, the longer you can engage in the emotional therapy that will teach you the skills and tools you need to maintain sobriety through measures of like skills and relapse prevention. During your stay, you will be able to engage in dual diagnosis treatment if you have co-occurring mental health or behavioral concern. We offer our patients comprehensive trauma therapy for those that need support in processing a traumatic event and removing the trauma responses associated with trauma triggers. 

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Couples Rehab

When one person is engaging in addiction in a relationship, it can cause communication and distrust within the relationship. When you combine two people in a relationship that are both actively engaged in addiction, it can create a relationship based on chaos and distrust. 

You know you both love each other but you are struggling to relate and connect with each other without the use of drugs or alcohol. Through couples rehab, our counselors will work with both of you to rediscover the love and affection you once had that has been clouded by addiction. Through individual and couple therapy sessions, you will begin to relearn communication techniques and gain perspective on how the addictive relationship has affected each person. 

Pet Friendly Rehab

When you have been in the depths of your addiction and isolated from those who love you, the constant support you have had is your pet. With the loving companionship they provide, your pet has helped you get through some of your hardest days. That’s why we encourage our patients to bring their pets with them to Resurgence (some exceptions may apply). We know that the joy your fur baby brings you is incomparable and we want you to have the joy and friendship that your pet brings to you. Before you get ready to come to rehab, call our support team to ask if your pet can come along with you for your rehab journey.

Does My Insurance Have Coverage For Rehab?

Resurgence employs insurance specialists that are well versed and knowledgeable in working with insurance companies to have your stay with us be covered under your insurance policy. If you are curious if your insurance plan covers your rehab stay, contact our specialists who will have you complete the insurance verification forms to gather information if your coverage plan will take care of the cost for you. Resurgence Behavioral Health covers most PPO insurance plans. Should you prefer to pay privately, you are welcome to do so, just let our insurance specialists know. 

Sober Friendly Attractions near Shavano Park

Resurgence wants to support you in finding joy in life again without the use of alcohol or drugs. Residents of Shavano Park, a small suburb of San Antonio, enjoy many local sights and attractions that not only pique their interest but provide a sense of fun again in their life. 

Andretti’s Indoor Karting and Games 

Try our your need for speed at Andretti’s Indoor Karting and Games 

5752 Grandscape Blvd Suite 100, The Colony, TX 75056, United States

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Go for an exhilarating ride at one of the many attractions of Six Flags Fiesta Texas

17000 W I-10, San Antonio, TX 78257, United States

Dwight D. Eisenhower Park

Go for a hike, have a picnic, or just take in the breathtaking views of San Antonio from Eisenhower Park

19399 NW Military Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78257, United States

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Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

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