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Addiction Treatment Costa Mesa: An Affordable Option

Addiction Treatment Costa Mesa: An Affordable Option

Affordable Addiction Treatment Options

One of the leading concerns associated with individuals who are struggling with substance abuse revolves around the cost of a treatment plan. The main reason why so many people opt not to commit to treatment is due to the fact that they think that they cannot afford a treatment plan. Therefore, they continue to engage in their addiction which is something that can ultimately lead to serious and severe issues. 

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we recognize that this is a major concern. Therefore, we always go above and beyond to ensure that our clients have access to the resources that they need to tackle their addiction once and for all. We offer several different types of addiction treatment which are personalized to suit the individual needs of each one of our clients. We pride ourselves on offering the following types of affordable addiction treatment:

  • Detox
    Before you can begin a formal addiction treatment program, it’s likely that you will need to begin your recovery in a detox program. The reason for this is that when you’re in the first few hours and days of your newfound sobriety, there is a possibility that you may experience withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms are something that can be potentially deadly which is why you should make sure that you’re surrounded by a group of experienced addiction experts who can properly care for you.
  • Inpatient or residential treatment
    There are many people who struggle with addiction who need to change the people, places, and things around them in order to work through their substance abuse issues. Therefore, inpatient (also known as residential treatment) may be a great option for you. Clients who opt to commit to an inpatient treatment program will be able to live on our campus and engage in treatment activities with other individuals who are also working through their treatment program. Not only that, but you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the around-the-clock care that you may need from our team of experienced addiction experts.
  • Outpatient treatment
    An outpatient treatment program is much more flexible in comparison to an inpatient treatment program. During outpatient treatment, you will be able to live at home and also focus on your treatment plan around your work or school schedule. Keep in mind that you can also transition into an outpatient program such as partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient treatment following an inpatient treatment program. 

Regardless of the treatment program that you select, you will participate in different forms of addiction therapy which will help you to identify the root cause of your addiction. It’s critical to identify the root cause of your addiction so that you can address it once and for all and so that you can move forward. Openly and actively participating in therapy is something that can help you to avoid falling back into the trap of addiction. 

Do you have more questions about the affordable treatment options that we offer in terms of addiction treatment in Costa Mesa? We encourage you to get in touch with our intake team for more information.

Does Health Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

Do you have private health insurance? If the answer is yes, then it’s possible that most (if not all) of your addiction treatment in Costa Mesa could be covered through your insurance provider. It’s important to remember that the coverage for every person is different which means that what may be covered for you may not necessarily be covered under another policy. If you do have private insurance, then it’s recommended that you let us know so that we can help you to coordinate your coverage and take full advantage of the options that are available to you. 

The first step in the process would be to reach out to your insurance company to learn more about the terms of your coverage. For instance, it’s possible that if you recently worked through a program at another treatment center, you may need to wait a period of time before you can utilize your insurance at another treatment program. It’s also possible that you could have a co-pay that you would need to pay as part of your plan. If you’re having trouble learning these details, our team will be happy to help you to learn the details of your policy. 

How Long Does Affordable Addiction Treatment Last?

The length of time that you spend in an addiction treatment program is something that will be greatly dependent on our recommendation as well as your own personal preference. Keep in mind that your treatment program will truly begin following the time that you spend in detox. You can expect to spend approximately seven days in detox. The reason for this is that you will not want to begin a recovery program unless the drugs or alcohol that you’re addicted to are completely out of your system. 

Addiction treatment programs can last anywhere between 30 and 90 days. The length of time that you spend in treatment is a personal decision, however, we always caution our clients that they coordinate and communicate with our treatment team as well as their friends and family to decide which option is better. You can always begin with a 30-day treatment program and extend it to a 60 or 90-day treatment program. 

Combining Addiction Treatment with Free Services

There are also several free services that you can take advantage of over and above traditional addiction treatment. For example, one of the best free services that you can utilize is to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meeting. You will notice that an Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meeting is similar to a group therapy session. During these meetings, you will have the opportunity to interact with other individuals who are also working through their own addiction treatment. Having the opportunity to share and listen to the experiences of other people is something that will only benefit you so you will be encouraged to attend as many meetings as possible. 

There are also several activities in and around the Costa Mesa area that will help you to take advantage of your sobriety. For example, taking the time to learn more about your likes and dislikes and going to different sober-friendly activities in and around the Costa Mesa area is an excellent way to maintain your sobriety going forward. Of course, if you need guidance and recommendations when it comes to any of these options. 

Resurgence Offers Affordable Addiction Treatment Options

When you work with Resurgence Behavioral Health, you can take comfort in the fact that our team of addiction experts will be here for you and with you every step of the way. At Resurgence, our team is available to help you to begin your treatment program right away. We can provide you with the guidance and insight that you need to be able to make the right decisions for your overall recovery. Our personalized treatment programs are second to none and are developed with any financial restraints in mind. Don’t let money concerns hold you back from getting the help and care that you need. Get in touch with us today! 

Does your Insurance Cover Rehab?

At Resurgence, we accept most PPO insurance. Verify your insurance now.