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Why Alcohol is the Deadliest Drug

Why Alcohol is the Deadliest Drug Resurgence – A man with a beer at the bar. While he considers if he needs help getting sober, he should compare alcohol deaths vs other drugs and realize he needs help.

Why Alcohol is the Deadliest Drug

It is tough to compare alcohol deaths vs other drugs. In the end, they are all lethal, right? So what sets alcohol apart? At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we have a team of professionals who will educate you about your addiction and how you can reverse the harm done now.

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Why Alcohol Can be Worse Than Drugs


Even though alcohol is a legal substance, it is just as dangerous as any illegal street drug you may encounter, which is easy to see when you compare alcohol deaths vs other drugs. It is hard to go a day without passing a bar or seeing alcohol at a restaurant.

The opportunities to have a drink are numerous. If you feel this mind-altering substance is controlling your life, Resurgence Behavioral Health is there to help. Why alcohol is worse than other drugs in some situations can be difficult for some to understand.

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Understanding Alcohol Deaths vs Other Drugs


In 2015, over 66 million people aged 12 or older reported binge drinking. Another 27 million people use illegal drugs or misuse prescription drugs. It is undeniable by the numbers that alcohol abuse is more prevalent than any substance on the market, and when you look at alcohol deaths vs other drugs, you can see why this is a big problem.

When battling a life-threatening addiction, it is not alcohol versus other drugs but alcohol versus you. Who is going to win? At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we would like to help you win the battle with a nationally recognized combination of treatments.


Effects of Alcohol Deaths vs Other Drugs


While we have heard in recent news that the opioid epidemic is exploding, we haven’t heard much about alcohol. With alcohol sales booming since the pandemic, alcoholic and beverage taxes or profits are very important to the economy. An increase in alcohol deaths vs other drugs is increasing annually with a consistent report of associated deaths and emergency room-related visits.

Alcohol is a slow and deadly killer as liver disease accounts for over half of alcohol-related deaths. There has also been an increase in alcohol-associated deaths, including overdose, liver cirrhosis, and suicide, contributing to alcohol deaths vs other drugs. With the odds stacked against you, you must seek help for crippling alcohol addiction before it kills you. Rated one of the top addiction centers in California, Resurgence Behavioral Health is here to help you make a permanent lifestyle change.


Abuse and Alcohol Deaths vs Other Drugs


Alcohol deaths vs other drugs take many lives per year. The immediate consumption of alcohol does not always cause alcohol deaths. Aside from deaths related to vehicular accidents or overdoses, there are other ways that alcohol can affect your health and eventually kill you.

Excessive alcohol use led to approximately 2.5 million years of potential life lost, also known as YPll. These numbers meant the lives of those who drink in excess, shorten their lives by an average of 30 years. Alcohol-related deaths versus other drugs are responsible for one in 10 deaths among adults aged 20-64 years old.

At Resurgence Behavioral, we want to give you the tools to avoid becoming another statistic. With comprehensive mental health and wellness programs, we want to put you on the path to recovery.


Mental Illness and Alcohol Deaths vs Other Drugs


It is no secret that alcohol use is associated with boorish and obnoxious behavior. We have all seen that person that has embarrassed themselves at a holiday party or a family function. But what about the more severe side effects associated with excessive drinking? Alcohol deaths vs other drugs are usually meant to ease distress related to committing suicide

Psychiatric disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and increased suicidal behavior are all dangerous side effects of alcohol abuse that can lead to an untimely death. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we have highly trained counselors and psychologists to assess the negative impact of abusing alcohol. Upon take in, we will provide a mental and physical well-being test to put you on the right road to recovery.

Get You or Your Loved One Out of Harm’s Way


Depending on the severity of your alcohol dependency, our team may recommend MAT medication-assisted treatment to bring you safely through the detoxification process. This phase of treatment can be challenging, but we have a professional and empathetic team to get you through the most acute withdrawal symptoms. IOP intensive outpatient programs and PHP partial hospitalization for you if you are not ready to move on to regular outpatient therapy programs.

Once you commit to alcohol rehabilitation, our treatment experts will do everything to ensure the most comfortable transition. The Joint Commission,, has accredited Resurgence Behavioral Health, recognizing us as one of California’s best treatment centers. We understand that   committing to this life change is not going to be an easy choice, and our team of professionals wants to help you take this step in the right direction.


Alternative Treatments


Due to the nature of alcohol deaths vs other drugs, we address your emotional and mental health. Highly trained therapists provide counseling and stress management techniques to aid you in your process of recovery. CBT cognitive behavioral therapy and EDMR eye movement desensitization and reprocessing are innovative treatments that we use to treat alcohol addiction’s destructive tendencies.

We also offer DBT dialectical behavioral therapy for clients that endure symptoms from alcohol abuse and undiagnosed mental health disorders. Art therapy is a fun and therapeutic way to distract yourself and find your inner artist during your stay. Our professionals teach group courses and presentations to prepare you mentally for a life of abstinence.


Continual Addiction Support


We stress the value of continuing outpatient programs as we know it is necessary to maintain sobriety. We offer the Alumni program for continued support after alcohol rehabilitation, where you can connect with counselors and peers, and avoid becoming an alcohol deaths vs other drugs statistic.

Our outpatient programs include science-based SMART recovery and AA support groups for continued healing and camaraderie. Due to the recent health crisis, we know that it is more critical than ever to be a part of a support network. AA and SMART recovery offer remote meetings to meet your needs for fellowship and motivation for continued sobriety.


Recovery in Luxury


Rediscovering health and finding tranquility has never been easier with our luxury accommodations at Resurgence Behavioral Health. All of our locations provide comfortable housing options in beautiful settings with natural for you to explore. We excel in delivering luxuries for our clients, including soft furnishings, open floor plans, private kitchens, and skylights.

Massage therapy, swimming pools, basketball courts, waterfalls, golf, and meditation zones allow you to diversify from the challenges of recovery. Enjoy a game of basketball with one of your peers or have a home-cooked meal with a friend! Park access or a jog down the beach with a therapy dog can relieve stress during your return to finding inner peace and health.




We offer the advantage of paying online through your insurance, and we also accept cash payment arrangements. Resurgence Behavioral Health provides the support of free insurance verification to establish your benefits. Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, state-financed health insurance, and military insurance are accepted, providers.

At Resurgence, we will negotiate the best treatment plan with your insurance so you can focus on your rehabilitation. Our team will verify the extent of coverage benefits and provide a satisfying treatment plan. Providing the best level of care without sacrificing quality due to insurance is one of our top priorities.

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Seek Treatment for a Healthier Tomorrow


Alcohol is most damaging to you and the ones you love. Whether you seek treatment for yourself or a loved one, Resurenge Behavioral Health will provide the building blocks for a healthier life. We realize that addiction is a severe illness, and we will treat you or your loved one with the individualized care that is needed.

Alcohol deaths vs other drugs can be a slow and painful death with the breakdown of the body and relationships and mental deterioration. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we know that addiction is not worth your life, and we want to help you get through this one step at a time. Choose for a healthier tomorrow and contact one of our intake specialists today.

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