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What is an Alcohol Rehab Center?

An alcohol rehab center is a safe environment for individuals that are ready and willing to look at and address their alcohol use disorder through specific, evidence-based addiction therapy methods. When you are living with active alcohol addiction, life can feel chaotic and as if it is spiraling out of control as your world becomes focused on obtaining and consuming alcohol. While you know that you want to overcome and heal from your alcohol addiction, it is easy to feel hopeless as the cycle of addiction progresses. Alcohol rehab is an environment for Los Angeles residents that fosters personal growth through empowering patients to see their true potential within themselves to reach their overarching goals of addiction recovery and happiness. 

Los Angeles rehab centers invite patients to come and reside within the addiction treatment facility for an extended period of time typically between 30-90 days. During this time, patients’ time will be structured throughout each day with various treatment methods including individual and group therapy sessions. Depending on your specific story with alcohol addiction and factors that have contributed to your substance abuse, you will be offered specialized treatments that target your specific needs including behavioral therapy, holistic treatments, dual diagnosis treatment program, or medication-assisted treatment.

Los Angeles residents may have been thinking about getting sober for a long time but struggled to do so within their own home environment. Alcohol rehab centers provide patients with a safe haven away from the everyday distractions, temptations, and other individuals or social circles that have prevented them from obtaining sobriety before. Within alcohol rehab, patients will be surrounded by other like-minded individuals that share the same goals of achieving a life of sober living who often become long-term supporters and friends throughout your alcohol rehab stay and long after you return back to your home environment. 

Treatment Offered at An Alcohol Rehab Center

Alcohol addiction is a complex disorder that impacts an individual’s life in many facets. In order to provide effective treatment to overcome your alcohol use disorder, it is important that an alcohol rehab offers a wide variety of addiction treatments that target healing from your addiction physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Alcohol rehab is offered in many facets to meet you where you are at in your journey to overcome alcohol and the level of care that you require. Patients that need to safely remove their physical and emotional alcohol dependency will have the option of attending an alcohol detox program within the residential treatment facility. As you prepare to address what is at the root of your alcohol addiction within an alcohol rehab setting, residents of Los Angeles will be able to choose from an inpatient alcohol rehab program or varying levels of care within an outpatient alcohol treatment program. Regardless of what method of addiction treatment you choose, your alcohol rehab program will consist of a variety of addiction therapy methods including behavioral therapy, medication-assisted treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, and holistic treatments. 

A common addiction treatment that is offered within alcohol rehab is various forms of behavioral therapy to assist patients in gaining an understanding of what are the underlying causes of their addiction. By examining the thoughts, emotions, and actions that have contributed to your alcohol use and substance abuse, Los Angeles patients are able to identify their triggers for alcohol use are including certain environments, deep-rooted emotions, or social circles or interactions that impact their ability to remain focused on maintaining sobriety. Using methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and rational emotive behavioral therapy, patients will have the opportunity to explore further the behaviors associated with their alcohol addiction while reshaping and establishing new coping methods and strategies that will support life in sober living and strengthening your capacity for relapse prevention. 

Dual Diagnosis

It is common for individuals living with a substance abuse disorder to have a co-occurring mental health condition, behavioral disorder, or physical health condition. In fact, there are 9.2 million Americans across the nation that are currently living with a co-occurring disorder. Oftentimes, when you are experiencing negative side effects or symptoms from your mental health or behavioral condition, it is common to look for ways to ease the severity of those symptoms and the appeal of escape through the use of alcohol often draws many in for a quick fix. However, as your substance abuse increases, your co-occurring disorder will become significantly impacted and, most times, symptoms will progress and worsen the longer you engage in alcohol or drug use. 

For Los Angeles residents grappling with both substance abuse and mental health issues, a dual diagnosis treatment program is essential. It delves into the root causes of one’s alcohol addiction using specialized therapeutic techniques in both individual and group settings. As you unearth the drivers of your addiction, the program also equips you with positive coping mechanisms to navigate the challenges stemming from your co-occurring disorder. Employing a blend of traditional and alternative treatment methods ensures a holistic approach. For those looking for comprehensive care, considering places like Drug Detox Costa Mesa can be a significant first step towards healing and recovery.

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment

Inpatient alcohol treatment is an opportunity for Los Angeles patients to address their alcohol addiction within a safe, supportive environment. Patients will have the option of choosing between a short-term stay of 30 days or you can extend their stay to a long-term period of 60 or 90 days. For patients that are ready to address their alcohol addiction without having to leave home for a long period of time and are committed to putting in the work and effort towards their healing journey choosing a 30-day rehab program will allow you the time and space, you need to address your alcohol addiction. 

Your alcohol addiction did not develop overnight, it progressed over time for a multitude of reasons and based on a history of emotional turmoil or traumas.  Allowing yourself to stay within an inpatient residential alcohol treatment program for an extended period of time for 60 or 90 days will enable you to fully engage in the therapeutic process to look deep within those deep-rooted emotions and traumas to address and heal from the painful memories of the past in order to build a happy, balanced life within addiction recovery. Patients that choose a long-term rehab program will have longer to engage in specialized addiction treatment such as dual diagnosis treatment, trauma therapy, and behavioral therapy that will set them up for success in sober living. 


 A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is a method of outpatient alcohol rehab that provides Los Angeles residents an opportunity to attend the addiction treatment center during the day to engage in a structured format of individual therapy and group therapy sessions that will utilize the same effective measures of addiction therapy offered within inpatient alcohol treatment including behavioral therapy, medication-assisted treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, and holistic treatment methods. This unique format of outpatient treatment provides patients with a balance of intensive support similar to an inpatient treatment program while allowing them the freedom to return home each night to their family and loved ones that are supporting them to meet their overarching goals for sobriety. 

Alcohol Detox

The first crucial step towards obtaining sobriety is to remove the physical dependency on alcohol within an alcohol detox program. Alcohol is a highly addictive substance that can have negative side effects and withdrawal symptoms if not treated and monitored by trained medical professionals. Patients will reside within a Los Angeles treatment center as they detox from alcohol with the onsite support of counselors and medical practitioners who will provide support of behavioral therapy and medications to assist in alleviating the severity of their alcohol withdrawal symptoms. 

What Happens After Detox?

Detoxing from alcohol is the first step towards your newfound life in sobriety. Once you are of sound body and mind, free of the influence of alcohol, you will be ready to address what is at the core of your alcohol addiction through various forms of addiction treatment including:

  • Individual therapy 
  • Group therapy 
  • Support groups with peers including 12 step meetings such as alcoholics anonymous or smart recovery 
  • Medication-assisted treatment 
  • Aftercare support and planning to ensure that you stay on track to maintain your goals of sobriety 

Resurgence – Premiere Alcohol Rehab Center Los Angeles

Los Angeles residents trust  Resurgence Behavioral Health with their journey to sobriety and overcoming alcohol addiction for the high level of care that is put into each patient’s personalized alcohol treatment plan. Los Angeles patients will have access to premier amenities within our supportive environment included within our supportive environment that will empower patients to find new methods of self-care and emotional regulation through positive activities and holistic treatments. Our dedicated team places emphasis on the need for customized treatment plans that address the individual needs of each patient through various, comprehensive approaches to addiction treatment that will support you in healing from your addiction within your body, mind, and spirit. 

Contact Resurgence today to have any of your questions answered and get started on your road to recovery and happiness. 

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