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Admitting You Need To Go To Rehab

Alcohol addiction effects millions of Americans each day, in fact, there are approximately 68.5  million Americans that have experienced or are living with an alcohol use disorder. While alcohol addiction is present in so many Americans’ lives, there still remains a stigma associated with it that often leads individuals to feel shame or guilt about their substance abuse. Admitting that you need help is nothing to be ashamed about but rather something to be celebrated and honored as you are preparing to take your life back and allow yourself to heal from the wounds of your past to forge your way to a future in alcohol addiction recovery. 

You may have been grappling with the idea that your drugs and alcohol use has progressed to a problem for quite some time now and wondering if it is time for you to address your substance abuse within an addiction treatment program. If you have found that your alcohol consumption has begun to create negative consequences within your life such as socially, emotionally, or physically, then it may be time to address your alcohol addiction through inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment programs. 

There is often a common misconception that for someone to enter alcohol or drug rehab you must hit a rock bottom first where you have experienced severe, negative consequences from your substance abuse. While this may be the case for some individuals, it is not every person’s story or experience. There are some who are considered to be high functioning alcoholics who are able to maintain their work and home life commitments despite their drug and alcohol addictions. Chances are if you have to take the time to wonder if your alcohol consumption has become problematic, then it is time to address it within an alcohol rehab program. 

Addiction Treatment that
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Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Signs of Alcoholism

Each person will become affected by alcoholism differently depending on your own physiological and psychological makeup and your own personal contributing factors that have influenced addictive behaviors. While you will have your own specific signs or indicators for alcoholism that are based on your personal experience with alcohol use, there are some common signs of alcohol addiction to be aware of:

  • Feeling powerless or unable to stop your use of drugs and alcohol even when you have a strong desire to quit drinking 
  • Attempting to control the amount of alcohol you consume but experiencing failed attempts at doing so 
  • Your time is centered around thinking about the next time you will drink, planning when and how you will drink again
  • Experiencing strong cravings for alcohol
  • Loss of interest in hobbies and activities that once brought you joy 
  • Isolating from loved ones and social circles you were a part of before 
  • Engaging in high-risk behaviors while drinking such as drinking and driving or engaging in criminal acts 
  • Developing a tolerance to alcohol and needing to consume larger quantities of alcohol to reach the same desired effects 
  • Difficulty within your employment, family relationships, and social circles are all due to your drinking behaviors 
  • Inability to follow through with commitments including work, school, and family responsibilities due to your alcohol use 
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms after you stop drinking 
  • After feeling withdrawal symptoms, consuming more alcohol to relieve the intensity of your alcohol withdrawal symptoms 
  • Having financial concerns due to your alcohol consumption 
  • Becoming defensive towards others who confront you about your drinking 
  • Lying or hiding your drinking behaviors 

Treating An Alcohol Addiction

Treating an alcohol addiction requires a comprehensive approach to addiction rehab that addresses the complexity and individuality of each patient. Alcohol and drug addiction is a disease that impacts a person’s life physically, emotionally, and mentally and an effective alcohol treatment program needs to properly address each aspect of your life that has been impacted by substance misuse. 

During addiction individual and group therapy, patients will participate in behavioral therapy and addiction therapy methods that will assist in introspectively looking at how your alcohol use has impacted your thought, emotional, and behavioral processes including any co-occurring mental health disorders, and impacts your ability to remain sober. The following therapeutic methods are often utilized within an alcohol rehab program :

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Supports patients to understand and identifying emotions, situations, or thoughts that are difficult to cope with and have previously led to substance abuse. CBT will support patients in learning their triggers and overcoming them in the future 

Family therapy or family programs

Developing effective communication within the family unit and gaining an understanding of how alcohol addiction has impacted the family unit. Families will be able to identify enabling behaviors, household triggers or stressors, and emotional distress that has influenced or impacted each family member to be able to establish a positive alternative including new family norms and relationships that support a household of sober living. 

12 step recovery process

Assisting patients to overcome alcohol addiction with the support of alcoholics’ anonymous 12 step models or smart recovery. 

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Supporting patients to reshape their responses to negative stimuli or triggers through healthy emotional regulation while providing effective tools for relapse prevention 

What is Inpatient Alcohol Rehab?

A residential alcohol rehab is an option for Seattle residents who would prefer to have a break from their home environment to have the ability to completely focus and engage in the therapeutic process. Inpatient alcohol rehab offers patients a structured schedule consisting of individual counseling sessions, group therapy processes, various educational groups, counseling, and referral to other programs or methods of addiction treatment. Attending rehab in Seattle means that residents will have the ability to develop effective tools for relapse prevention and healthy life skills for sober living.  

Patients will reside within an addiction treatment center for a period of time of a minimum of 30 days to a maximum of 90 days depending on their preference and level of need. Within a residential addiction treatment center, patients will have access to medical professionals and clinical addiction counselors to support patients in medical, psychiatric, and psychological care and support to target all areas within themselves for healing from alcohol addiction. With the support of behavioral therapies, holistic treatments, and life skill development Seattle residents are able to gain perspective on what emotions and underlying causes are at the core of your alcohol addiction allowing space to create a healthy, future in addiction recovery. 

Inpatient residential treatment of alcohol rehab means that you will no longer feel alone as you once did at the height of your alcohol addiction as you will be connected with a group of fellow patients who are alongside you experiencing the same healing transformation. This often opens up opportunities for new connections within addiction recovery that will last even after you complete your alcohol rehab program. 

Intensive Outpatient Program for Alcohol

Residents of Seattle live busy lives with hectic schedules whether it be taking care of the family or meeting the demands of work. Committing to an inpatient alcohol rehab program that requires you to take a pause from all of your prior commitments to spend an extended period of time within an alcohol addiction treatment center may not feel like an available option for some. Likewise, there are some Seattle residents that have the support within their home environment of loved ones who share the same overarching goals of addiction recovery. For those individuals, intensive outpatient rehab provides a flexible option for patients to choose from that allows you to attend the addiction treatment center throughout the week at a time that fits into your schedule. Intensive outpatient alcohol rehab is a good option for those Seattle residents that do not require the ongoing medical support of alcohol detox or a medication-assisted treatment program as there is no necessary need for ongoing 24/7 access to medical professionals but rather provides outpatient care that is centered around your needs. Intensive outpatient alcohol rehab programs provide patients with a unique opportunity to take the skills they have learned through substance misuse treatment and apply them to their everyday life with the support of a dedicated addiction counselor. 

Medical Detox During Alcohol Rehab

The first step in healing from alcohol addiction is to treat the physical dependency that has been formed over the progression of your substance misuse disorder. Attempting to quit your alcohol consumption without the support of a medically supervised detox program can lead to severe, sometimes, life-threatening, alcohol withdrawal symptoms. When you put your alcohol detox in the hands of expert medical professionals, your withdrawal symptoms will be monitored and proper, effective medical care will be provided to reduce the severity of your alcohol withdrawal symptoms to keep you comfortable and maintain your optimal physical health and safety. 

Alcohol Rehab For Seattle Residents

Seattle residents looking for a supportive environment to heal from their alcohol addiction will choose Resurgence Behavioral Health for the high level of care and consideration that is placed on providing each patient with a customized alcohol rehab plan that meets their needs and goals for addiction recovery. Through the comprehensive therapeutic approaches, our team provides patients with an exciting and healing opportunity to gain an understanding of what has been fueling their alcohol and drug addiction while being supported to become inspired and motivated to recreate their life in sobriety to match your hopes and dreams for a future in recovery. 

Contact Resurgence Behavioral Health today to find out more about the alcohol rehab program that can be provided for you to help you heal from addiction within your body, mind, and spirit.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

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