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Drug Detox Costa Mesa: What to Expect

Drug Detox Costa Mesa: What to Expect

What is Drug Detox?

A drug detox program is often the first step in a substance abusers addiction treatment process. Depending on which substance you are engaging in, there can be significant physical dependencies developed that can be challenging to overcome on your own. A drug detox program will support you in safely overcoming your physical dependency and addiction to drugs with the ongoing support and guidance of licensed medical professionals that will ensure your safety and well-being As you experience any side effects or withdrawal symptoms from your drug detox process, you will be provided with appropriate medical care and treatment that will maintain your safety and wellbeing throughout your healing journey. 

While you move through your drug detox process, you will reside within our recovery center to release the toxic and harmful chemicals and influences of drugs in a safe and medically monitored environment. For some Costa Mesa residents, you may have attempted to quit using drugs on your own before and found that you were unable to complete your drug detox process due to the onset of withdrawal symptoms or presenting triggers that are within your home environment. When you choose to heal within a drug detox program, you will be able to remove yourself from any outside distractions and triggers to heal within the safe and secure environment of our medical detox. As you experience withdrawal symptoms, you will have the ongoing support of our medical team and addiction therapists that will provide you with evidence-based therapy methods and medical treatments that will maintain your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health all while helping you avoid a transfer addiction.

How To Find the Best Drug Detox for You

Making the choice to enter into a drug detox and rehab program is a big, courageous step to make. You may have been pondering seeking treatment before and finally made the decision to get the help you have been desperately seeking. When you are ready to get the support you need to overcome your drug addiction, you want to know that you are putting your faith and trust into a drug detox program that is suitable for you and your healing needs and goals for addiction recovery. You know your history with substance abuse better than anyone and the impacts it has had on your physical, emotional, and mental health. That is why you want to find a detox and treatment program that is centered around your individual needs for healing and personal growth by providing you with effective treatment methods that will maintain your overall health and well-being. Before choosing your detox program, take the time to get to know the types of support that can be provided during your detox program including specific treatments such as medication-assisted treatment, holistic treatments, or specific evidence-based therapy approaches. If you are unsure what types of support that you are looking for or need, you can speak with one of the compassionate counselors at Resurgence Behavioral Health. We will be able to get to know your specific history with substance abuse, your current physical and mental health needs, and your goals for addiction recovery which will inform us of appropriate treatments to offer you. 

What You Can Expect During Drug Detox

When you first arrive at a drug detox center, the initial step will be to meet with an admission specialist and a member of our medical team. They will complete initial assessments and admission paperwork with you. During this time, our team will gain knowledge and understanding of the impacts and severity of your substance abuse, including any experiences with Zoloft withdrawal if applicable.

Assessments will provide insight into your specific drug abuse history, including how long you have been engaging in substance abuse, the amount in which you use, and the frequency of your substance abuse. The process will also explore if you have been taking medications like Zoloft, and if you have experienced any withdrawal symptoms from it.

During this crucial time, it is imperative that we also gather comprehensive information about any pre-existing medical conditions, mental health concerns, and behavioral conditions. Understanding your experience with Zoloft, and any withdrawal from it, will be an essential component to inform our team about potential complications and specific needs you might have during the detox process.

By having the full scope of your current health, addiction status, and any experiences with Zoloft withdrawal, our team can create a personalized and well-informed treatment plan. This strategy will be designed to maintain your safety, health, and comfort throughout your treatment program, ensuring that any symptoms related to Zoloft withdrawal are appropriately managed and addressed.

Remember, being open and honest about all aspects of your substance use, including the use of medications like Zoloft, is crucial to developing an effective treatment plan that addresses all your needs and concerns.

After the initial admission process, you will be invited to reside within our treatment facility to begin your detox program. After stopping your use of drugs, your body will begin to adjust to functioning without the presence of drugs or alcohol in your body. This can cause a variety of withdrawal symptoms to occur that can range in levels of severity. As you experience the onset of withdrawal symptoms, you will be monitored by our onsite nurses and physicians that will provide you with medical treatments and holistic treatment methods that will help to reduce the onset of severe withdrawal symptoms and minimize any strong cravings for drugs. As your withdrawal symptoms begin to subside and lessen, you will be ready to begin your drug rehab program where you can explore the underlying causes of your addictive behaviors and develop the coping skills and tools for relapse prevention. 

Drug Detox in Costa Mesa: The First Step

Your drug addiction did not develop overnight and just as it took time for your addiction to develop, your addiction treatment program will reflect the same. To effectively heal from your drug addiction, it requires a continuum of care that will support you in healing from your addiction within your body, mind, and spirit while empowering you to feel confident in your ability to overcome triggers and remain on the road to recovery. For many substance abusers, drug detox is the first step in your healing journey. Before you are able to dive deep into the underlying emotions or traumas that have influenced your addictive behaviors, it is important that you heal your body from the harmful influences and impacts of drug abuse. Drug detox will support you in restoring your brain and body from the harsh chemicals and toxins from substances. Once your body has flushed out the influences of drug abuse, you will be able to think clearly and feel physically and mentally stable to begin exploring your root causes of addiction and begin to develop a new path in life that fosters addiction recovery, health, and wellness. 

Learn More About Drug Detox Options

Drug detox is a complex process that requires a treatment plan that is centered around your specific needs and goals for addiction recovery. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we strive to provide Costa Mesa residents with a comprehensive treatment plan that is specifically designed to meet your needs and ensure you have success in safely and comfortably overcome your drug addiction. Our medically supervised detox program offers patients a variety of treatment methods that will help ease the severity of your drug withdrawal process and help you remain safe and relaxed throughout your time with us. Patients are offered specific treatment options such as medication-assisted treatment, dual diagnosis treatment that will work to treat any mental health or behavioral conditions along with your substance use disorders, behavioral therapy, and holistic treatments. Through our whole-person integrated approach to healing, you will be provided with evidence-based therapy methods that will treat any physical, emotional, and mental dependencies on drugs and empower you to discover a new way of life in addiction recovery.

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