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Addiction and Domestic Violence

Addiction and Domestic Violence Resurgence – A child hides while her parents fight. There is a scary relationship between drugs and domestic violence.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is either mental or physical abuse that happens between intimate partners. The abuse is used to either gain control or keep control over their partner. The relationship generally involves a lack of respect and empathy for the partner. For support and resources in such situations, especially when alcohol abuse is a factor, consider visiting alcohol rehab treatment Riverside.

Unlike an addiction, domestic violence is a choice and not a disease. The abuser harms another person to get his way and because they feel justified in their actions. It is escalated when there is drugs or alcohol involved. Which makes drugs and domestic violence a dangerous — and sometimes deadly — combination.

Learn How Addiction and Domestic Violence Are Linked

How are Drugs and Domestic Violence Related?

Drugs and domestic violence are linked. An estimated 60% of abusers who commit domestic violence also have substance abuse problems. Substance abuse can lower feelings of self-control and impair decision making. Regular substance abuse has been identified as the highest leading risk factor of domestic partner violence.

A person struggling with drugs may have an altered sense of reality and live in denial so great that abuse seems justified. Many are not violent or abusive. However, domestic violence abusers actively engage in substance abuse. Due to active substance abuse, many victims cannot identify the warning signs of an imminent violent situation due to substance abuse. If you or someone you know is facing substance abuse and its related challenges, consider seeking help through alcohol rehab treatment in Los Angeles.

The highest time for domestic violence is between 6 PM and 6 AM. These are also the highest time for engaging in substance abuse. When both substance abuse and domestic violence occur together, it is found that substance abuse can precipitate or exacerbate domestic violence. For more insights and support, visit alcohol rehab treatment Palo Alto.

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Alcohol and Domestic Violence

When either partner abuses alcohol, the risk for domestic violence increases significantly. Some may drink before abusing their partners. They may abuse their partners and blame alcohol. Or they may blame the victims for the abuse because they did not have enough alcohol, or the flavor or the brand they prefer. At times alcoholism can serve as a convenient excuse for physical abuse. “It’s not my fault. It’s the whiskey”.

These justifications can keep the victims in a state of limbo, questioning their own choices and worrying about keeping enough whiskey on hand. It can lead to a confusing cycle of co-dependence and victimization. This state of control and blaming everything else is a hallmark of domestic violence. Alcohol does not make most people violent. The abusive behavior is in addition to substance abuse, not because of it.

Domestic Violence Rehab

For those who are victims of domestic abuse, they are at risk of substance abuse as well. Coping with abuse can lead victims to suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, a risk factor for substance abuse. Victims may suffer from depression, alcoholism and isolation. They may have lowered self-esteem and loss of feelings of confidence.

This cluster of effects can lead victims to self-treat these feelings with substance abuse. Unhealed domestic violence trauma can lead someone to begin abusing alcohol or other substances to mistakenly self-treat PTSD.

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