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Warning Signs Of Alcoholism

Alcohol is one of the leading addictions that plague the U.S. Drinking and drug addictions are often associated, leading to alarming rates of overdoses and deaths. Most of us know the general rule never to mix alcohol and drugs. However, many fail to heed that warning.

What is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a term used for “Alcohol Use Disorder.” Alcoholism is defined by a pattern of drinking that is clearly uncontrollable. When we are preoccupied with where our next drink will come from, a red flag should be going up! When we decrease or stop drinking, we begin to experience withdrawal symptoms.

One of many warning signs of alcoholism includes drinking to prevent withdrawal. A much more dangerous warning sign of alcoholism is when you reach for a drink while abusing drugs.



  • 14.4 million adults have alcohol use disorder
    • 7.6 % were men
    • 4.1% were women
    • 7.9% sought treatment
  • 401,000 young teens (12-17 years old) had alcohol use disorder.
    • 1.4% were male
    • 1.9% were female

What Defines “Drink?”

During a social event, gathering, or a relaxing evening, we may enjoy a drink or two. Alcohol helps us to relax and be more apt to socialize. However, one of the warning signs of alcoholism is when you find yourself drinking heavily daily or at events. A day of heavy drinking is gauged by four or more drinks for men and three or more drinks for women.

A “standard” drink is defined by the amount of alcohol consumed.

Beer – 12 fl. Oz.

Malt Liquor – 8.9 fl. Oz.

Wine – 5 fl. Oz.

Brandy, Cognac, Shots – 1.5 fl. Oz.

Hard Liquors (whiskey, rum, tequila, vodka, gin, moonshine) – 1.5 fl. oz.

What Are the Warning Signs of Alcoholism?

Understanding more about the warning signs of alcoholism helps to not only educate you on the dangers of alcohol but also to make you aware of a possible addiction.

5 Warning Signs of Alcoholism

  • Heavy Drinking

One of the first warning signs of alcoholism is drinking much more than a “standard drink” on a regular basis.

  • Desire to have a Buzz

You could enjoy yourself unless you are “buzzed.”

  • Drinking Alone

You are no longer drinking socially, but alone by yourself.

  • Blackouts

You have blackouts where you lose a sense of time and where you were or what you did.

  • Others Noticing Your Drinking

People around you begin to notice your drinking problem, and when bringing it up, you become defensive.

Alcohol Symptom Checklist

The dependence on alcohol is, of course, one of several warning signs of alcoholism. If you can answer yes to any of the below, you may have an alcohol use disorder (alcoholism.)

  • Do you drink heavily on a daily basis?
  • Have you tried decreasing or stopping your drinking but began to feel physically bad?
  • When you drink, do you drive, operate machinery, swim, or participate in other activities that can harm you or someone else?
  • Are you able to be at an event or gathering without drinking or getting buzzed beforehand?
  • Do you drink to help you feel better from depression or another mental disorder?
  • Do you drink and use medications (drugs) of any kind?
  • Have you lost interest in the things that once gave you pleasure?
  • Have you been pulled over or arrested for being under the influence of alcohol?
  • Do those you love fear you or leave you because of your drinking?
  • Have you broken things or hurt someone while drinking?

Mental Illness and Alcoholism

Numerous mental disorders have unpleasant symptoms. We may try to mask those symptoms with drinking or drugs, and before we know it, we have become dependent upon alcohol and/or drugs. The more we drink, the worse the symptoms of our mental disorder become. We drink even more to try to feel better. Before we realize it, we are trapped in a vicious cycle that has no end.

Additionally, you can develop a mental disorder from an alcohol use disorder. When alcoholism and drug addictions collide, we are likely to have preexisting mental disorders and are at higher risk of overdose, death, or suicide.

Treatment for Alcoholism

An obvious warning sign of alcoholism is that constant voice within you telling you you have a problem and need help. No matter how much you try to reason with yourself to justify your drinking problem, it will catch up.

When your health begins to deteriorate, your marriage and relationships crumble, you lose your job, or worse, you end up in the hospital from alcohol poisoning, it is time to get help! Don’t ignore your inner voice because that voice could be the very thing that saves your life.

You no longer have to ask yourself, “What is a warning sign of alcoholism.” Now you know!

Resurgence knows and understands the ravages of alcoholism. We understand that taking that first step in admitting you have a problem is difficult. Going a step further and getting help is something only you can do. You have the resiliency to take that step! We know you can do this.

The moment you call us, you will feel the warmth of Resurgence reaching out to you. We are all about creating a family-like atmosphere. You will not be known as a “patient” but rather a resident.

Whether you have an upscale lifestyle or a simple one, we have accommodations and amenities that you are accustomed to. We want you to be comfortable while you are getting help here.

When you arrive at the center, you will begin treatment designed around your needs. Our therapies have options to include faith-based or holistic approaches as well as medical detox. We use evidence-based therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing.

Once you complete detox, you will advance to our “partial hospitalization” where we help you slowly ease back into life while continuing therapy. Graduating to outpatient is a day that residents come to anticipate.

Your treatment continues as an outpatient with scheduled visits to the center. We understand that your busy life may impact your availability to attend, so we offer intensive outpatient therapy.

Payment and Insurance

When it comes time to make a payment, we offer a convenient way to pay through our secure online payment service. Payment plans are available if you prefer to spread your payments out. Our staff can contact your insurance provider on your behalf to verify coverage.

We accept most PPO insurances. If you do not see your insurance in our listing below, give us a call.

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You have a team of professionals who are here waiting for you at Resurgence California. We will be your biggest fans in helping you get through treatment. By the time you complete your time here at the center, you will have the skills to get back out there and live a life that is healthier and alcohol-free! Take that first step.

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Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.