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Halcion Abuse

Halcion Abuse Resurgence - An image of prescription pills. Medications like Halcion can become addictive, so if you or someone you love is struggling with Halcion abuse, a drug treatment center can help them find sobriety.

What is Halcion?

Halcion is the brand name for triazolam, a short-acting benzodiazepine.

It is traditionally used for less than two weeks as a short-term sleep aid.

It can also be used for certain situations where a decrease in anxiety is desired (surgical procedures, flying, etc.).

The most common use is to help insomnia.

In general, most prescriptions for Halcion are for less than 10 days.

Use for longer periods may be a sign of Halcion dependence.

Dependence can easily lead to addiction.

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Halcion First Available in The Early 1980s

Halcion was first available in the early 1980s.

Since that time, the FDA has lowered the dose in the prescribing information due to the many issues with dependence and somewhat bizarre side effects.

Halcion is known for extraordinarily fast development of tolerance.

Tolerance to Halcion can lead the user to take larger doses to get the same effect they did even just a couple of days earlier.

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The Effects of Halcion

The effects of Halcion can begin within 20 minutes of taking it and usually do not last longer than eight hours. These effects are ideal for sleep aid, but the tolerance and addiction potential outweigh the benefits of its use for more than a few days. The ultra-fast development of tolerance leads to addiction that can surprise users into becoming addicted to Halcion.

Understanding Halcion Abuse

Halcion has several effects when it is used. One of the most widely reported is disinhibition and unconscious wakefulness. Users have reported cooking, driving, and completing minutes to hours of activities to have no recollection of those events once Halcion is out of their system. Other signs of Halcion use are:

  • Poor coordination
  • Fatigue
  • Sleepiness
  • Incoherent thoughts
  • Dizziness
  • Rebound insomnia
  • Memory loss of activities
  • Appearing drunk or hungover

Higher doses can increase these effects. When Halcion is taken for longer than two weeks, tolerance can quickly develop, leading to higher doses and more significant dependence. When higher and higher doses are used, addiction should be suspected.

Halcion has a short half-life, meaning its effects begin to wear off quickly. This is a positive aspect of Halcion when used as a sleep aid. When someone is dependent and addicted to Halcion withdrawal can begin extremely close to when the dose was taken. This can be unpleasant and lead the user to take more Halcion, furthering the cycle of dependence and addiction.

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Effects of Halcion Abuse

Halcion use can progress to full addiction in a short period of time. It may have been initially used to manage a short-term insomnia issue, then a few weeks later, you are still taking it. If you have tried to stop taking Halcion but found yourself with even worse insomnia or anxiety, you may be dependent on Halcion and experiencing withdrawal. It is possible to stop taking Halcion with professional help and a supportive environment.

Halcion Withdrawal

Halcion withdrawal may include anxiety, restlessness, nausea, seizures, and an irregular heartbeat. The dose and length of time of Halcion use are related to the severity of withdrawal. Halcion withdrawal can be dangerous and is best done in a medically supervised environment.

Halcion abuse should be suspected if Halcion has been used for extended periods. If you are searching for someone to supply Halcion to you, if you are unable to perform functions of daily life or take Halcion before doing dangerous activities, such as driving.

Halcion Can Produce Amnesia

Halcion users have reported periods where they have done complex tasks and completed dangerous activities without any knowledge of doing so. Halcion can produce amnesia, and frequent users have described bizarre situations where they were unaware of their actions.

Halcion is commonly used in combination with other medications and/or alcohol, which can be a dangerous combination. Withdrawal of Halcion can be difficult and uncomfortable. At times, a user may not be withdrawing from only one substance. Medical detox in a supervised treatment setting is recommended for safe and successful withdrawal.

Mental Illness and Halcion Use

Are mental illness and Halcion addiction related? In many people, the answer is yes. Having a mental illness such as depression or anxiety can make a loved one more vulnerable to the effects of Halcion use. The desire to go to sleep can be found in many other mental health issues (depression, anxiety). At times Halcion can be used to self-medicate an existing mental health issue.

In many people abusing Halcion can be a form of self-medicating to treat an underlying issue. Rather than getting healthy help for a related problem, you may have tried using Halcion to cope with challenges or to feel more confident in dealing with another mental health issue.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Resurgence

Treating both addiction and mental health at the same time has been proven to be more effective than treating each individually. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we look for all causes of addiction and any underlying mental health issue. Improving coping skills and anxiety will give new tools for recovery and stability.

Addiction is a universal problem. Even if things seem fine to outside observers, addiction can still be present. It happens in all families, all social and financial situations. For additional information, read more here. Halcion addiction can happen by accident, and denial may prevent awareness of the addiction for a while.

Abusing Halcion is an extremely dangerous practice. Continuing to abuse Halcion is a sign that the user may be attempting to solve another problem. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we are familiar with Halcion withdrawal and the complicated mental health issues that may also be present. We are here to help unravel the confusing picture of addiction, withdrawal, and untreated mental health issues.

Treating both at the same time has been proven to be more effective than treating each individually. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we look for all causes of addiction and any underlying mental health issue. Improving coping skills and anxiety will give new tools for recovery and stability.

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Treatment for Halcion Use at Resurgence

If you or a loved one is suffering from a Halcion addiction, we are here to help.

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we use an integrated approach to heal and recover.

Halcion treatment is not a short process, but it is possible.

Simply stopping taking the drug is not recovery.

Learning about addiction, treating any underlying issues, and building coping mechanisms other than drug use are learned behaviors that are taught and supported at Resurgence.

We will work with you to determine your individual goals of treatment and customize treatment to your needs.

Halcion abuse requires a team approach, including safe medical detox, counseling, therapy, and inpatient treatment to transition to outpatient treatment.

We are here to walk through this process with you.

Additional information on Halcion treatment can be found here.

Even if the situation appears hopeless or there is resistance to change, treatment can still be effective.

Once the fog of addiction and medical detox clear many are happy to receive treatment.

Are you tired? Tired of bad news, tired of lies, tired of the process of keeping addiction going? We can help.

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