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Ideas for a Sober Friendly Valentine’s Day

Ideas for a Sober Friendly Valentine's Day Resurgence Behavioral Health

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Recovery

Valentine’s Day is a holiday centered around demonstrating your love for someone special in your life. For some, it may be a time for you and your significant other to go out and celebrate the strong bond and loving relationship that you have with each other. Others may take the opportunity to have a first date with a potential love interest. Valentine’s day can also be a challenging holiday as there may be unfavorable memories associated with it or enhance feelings of loneliness should you not have a partner. Regardless of your specific situation, Valentine’s day is commonly associated with substance use whether you are celebrating the holiday with a fancy meal accompanied with wine or champagne or some will turn to alcohol or drugs as a means of coping through a holiday that is triggering to you. 

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day in whatever fashion suits you can be conducive to your recovery needs and enjoyable. There is a multitude of options for individuals wanting to celebrate Valentine’s day that move away from substance use and engage you and your special someone through healthy activities and social events.  

To help set yourself up for an enjoyable, sober Valentine’s day, it is important that you think and plans ahead for the date that you want to have that will support your life in sobriety. Resurgence Behavioral Health is dedicated to supporting patients to identify their needs and potential triggers surrounding this holiday in order to help them stay focused and on track with their recovery goals. 

Creating Relapse Prevention Plan

You and your loved one will be able to have Valentine’s day that is meaningful and special without having to resort to alcohol as a method of celebration. The key to successfully making it through the holidays without experiencing relapse is properly planning ahead and setting up safety measures that will ensure you are able to stay true to your sobriety while still having an enjoyable Valentine’s day together. The best way to ensure your success is to develop a relapse prevention plan that will help you think of any potential barriers to success or unforeseen triggers that could arise so that you are equipped with the tools and skills to mitigate these bumps in the road during your Valentine’s plans while ensuring that your sobriety is maintained. 

The key to developing a successful relapse prevention plan is being self-aware of situations, emotions, and individuals that may create negative responses or emotions within yourself. Each person has their own set of unique triggers and it is important to be aware of your own potential triggers as you get ready to plan for Valentine’s day. As you are planning your Valentine’s day, it is best to know the places or environments that may produce unpleasant feelings or responses that are associated with alcohol use. For example, if you frequented certain restaurants when you were drinking, it is best to avoid these as it brings back memories from your addiction and produces cravings or triggers. Others may associate certain places with their drinking behavior or may run into other people that you used to engage in substance use with. Knowing the places that are safe and neutral for you is crucial for your sobriety. If possible, for some, it may be ideal to choose a location for your Valentine’s date where there will be no risk of alcohol or other substances being present. Holidays often bring a new set of challenges for many individuals.  

Life can be unpredictable and there will be times where triggers arise including while you are trying to celebrate Valentine’s day with your significant other. Being prepared with the tools for emotional regulation is essential for you to handle any unexpected stressors that arise. Through methods of mindfulness, conscious breathing, and meditation you will have the necessary skills you need to be able to manage temptations while remaining focused on your overarching goal of living in recovery. Your confidence in yourself is key. You have the capability to achieve the life you want in sobriety and you have already put in the effort and work within yourself to make the huge life change of leaving your life of addiction and dependency behind you to embark on a whole new way of life. While it may feel in moments of weakness that these triggers are too hard to overcome and that you don’t have what it takes to avoid triggers, in those moments, it is crucial to remember how far you have already come in your journey to living in sobriety. You have what it takes to avoid relapse and stay focused on your recovery. You and your loved one deserve a happy Valentine’s day together and achieving that is within your reach. 

Speak To Your Date Ahead Of Time

It has often been said that the key to a healthy relationship is open and honest communication with one another. To start your Valentine’s day off in the right direction, it is important to be transparent about your need for a sober Valentine’s day together. As you open the lines of communication, you would be surprised to see how receptive others can be to accommodate your needs and brainstorm ideas for an enjoyable, sober date together. You and your date can create a plan together for a special, romantic day together that is focused on enjoying each other’s company and getting to know one another better. 

Speaking to your date beforehand will benefit you to ensure you are choosing the right partner for yourself and for your recovery. If your need for sobriety is not able to be honored on a date, it will help you determine if this is a relationship that is worth pursuing. Choosing a partner or potential love interest means that you are choosing someone that is supportive of your needs and wants including wanting a life in recovery. Knowing how to express your feelings and concerns with a potential love interest will help set you off on the right foot for a happy, healthy life for you and within your relationships. 

Sober Friendly Valentine’s Day Activities

The unique thing about Valentine’s day is that it is a holiday centered around love and there are so many ways to express your love for someone that goes beyond the typical Valentine’s date that is centered around alcohol consumption. You and your significant other or potential love interest have the capability to choose activities for your date that will peak both of your interests and engage you both in fun activities that will facilitate feelings of connectedness.  

When choosing your Valentine’s day activities, there are ample opportunities for sober activities to do together including:

  • Going on a hike together- The two of you can connect with nature and each other as you climb to a mountaintop and take in the scenic and gratifying views. As you accomplish your feat, it will help to bring the two of you closer and share a special moment when you reach the summit. 
  • Travel- Go sightseeing in a new city or town that you have not explored before. The two of you can experience new places and activities while bonding over your shared experiences. 
  • Participate in a class- Some couples find great enjoyment in taking part in art classes or taking a dance class together. 
  • Attend a concert, stage production, or movie theater 
  • Have a date at home where you can cook together, stream a movie, or just enjoy your company and conversation together 
  • Engage in physical activity or sports together such as billiards, ax throwing, or bowling. Participating in a healthy competition will often bring two people together 
  • Be a tourist in your home town- Take in the local sights and attractions that tourists flock to. 
  • Have a simple, romantic date – This could look like a romantic walk under the stars, trying a new cuisine or delectable dessert.. This allows you both to have the time to communicate and build on the sparks that you feel. 

The options are endless for an engaging, romantic date for you and your love interest. Be open-minded and you will find that there is an abundance of ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day while maintaining the hard work you have put into your recovery. 

Resurgence Behavioral Health Relapse Prevention

Resurgence Behavioral Health supports patients throughout their rehab journey to learn the necessary skills and tools to effectively manage any distressing triggers that arise. We empower our patients to see their own worth and ability to achieve their overarching goal of sobriety. Through the comprehensive methods of addiction treatment, you will gain perspective on what has been at the root of your addiction and understand how to identify triggering emotions, thoughts, or situations in the future. Our compassionate counselors are dedicated to supporting you in developing new tools for emotional regulation and mindfulness that will have you feeling connected spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally to your recovery and recognize your capacity to achieve your dreams. 

Addiction Treatment that
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Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

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