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Top Takeaways from Inpatient Drug Detox Treatment in Fontana

inpatient drug detox fontana

Resurgence Behavioral Health has a top inpatient drug detox center for Fontana residents, offering all the care you need as you recover from addiction, including long-term rehabilitation and aftercare solutions. When you choose to quit using drugs and alcohol, the first step is often to enter a detox program. We recommend this program to keep you safe in case you experience severe withdrawal symptoms that can be dangerous to your health.

In the Resurgence Behavioral Health facility, we offer full-time care within our safe, comfortable inpatient drug detox center that includes medical treatments with prescription medications as needed. Coming to Resurgence Behavioral Health for detox will give you the best chance of staying safe, with minimal discomfort, as your body purges the toxins from your system. Our caring team will be there with you every step of the way, fully supporting you as you take your first step toward long-term sobriety.

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Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Understanding the Importance of Inpatient Drug Detox in Recovery

For many people, coming to an inpatient drug detox center in Fontana can mean the difference between achieving sobriety and relapsing. Drug detox is not easy, and because many factors can influence your choices throughout your life, a comprehensive treatment plan that not only treats the acute physical withdrawal symptoms but also the underlying causes of addiction will give you the best possible chance of recovery.

Some of the main benefits of entering the Resurgence Behavioral Health inpatient drug detox center in Fontana include:

  • An experienced team of medical and psychological professionals: They can keep you healthy as you detox. They will provide the care you need to avoid dangerous seizures, heart problems, or high blood pressure issues, as well as help with aches and pains, stress, and mental health issues.
  • Time inside a comfortable, safe, and fully supportive environment: You will have a community of staff, peers, and medical professionals who are all on your side and who understand what you are going through.
  • A sober environment without access to drugs and alcohol: Sometimes, just knowing there is a bar around the corner or knowing your drug dealer is just a phone call away can trigger a relapse, so removing that access is a huge help for those in early recovery.
  • A clear path to recovery: Easy access to inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs is available to you. Detoxing is only the first step on the road to sobriety, and Resurgence Behavioral Health will provide full access to the therapy, counseling, skills, support, holistic care, and case management services you will need along the way.

Key Features of Resurgence Behavioral Health’s Fontana Inpatient Drug Detox Center

If you have never been inside a detox center, you may feel nervous, not knowing what to expect. At Resurgence Behavioral Health’s Fontana inpatient drug detox center, you will have a comfortable bed in a shared or private room. It is not a hospital setting but a clean, home-like place with shared spaces, healthy food, and a supportive, friendly atmosphere. All staff is caring. They want you to feel safe, comfortable, and welcome and will do all they can to support you through this stressful time.

inpatient drug detox center

Additionally, we offer:

  • MAT Programs: For some drug detox programs, we offer Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) plans, prescribing prescription medications to help you slowly wean off of the drugs without experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. This treatment is often necessary for those quitting opioid drugs.
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment: Many people with a substance use disorder have co-occurring mental health conditions like bipolar disorder, depression, or schizoaffective disorder, or they are experiencing acute symptoms like psychosis due to drug use. A dual diagnosis program integrates mental health care into their detox and rehabilitation plan to address all issues at the same time for a better overall chance at overcoming addiction.

The Comprehensive Approach to Detox at Fontana’s Inpatient Center

Substance use disorders are complex and are unfortunately not as simple to overcome as simply saying, “I quit.” There are often many reasons why a person may start using drugs and alcohol, including:

  • Behavioral health issues.
  • Mental health disorders.
  • Emotional reasons.
  • Environmental issues.
  • Medical issues, such as chronic pain.
  • Social reasons.

Addiction also causes changes to a person’s health, their living situation, and their friend groups, making sober living difficult after their treatment program is complete. Even if they overcome their physical dependence on the substance, if the rest of the picture stays the same, it is much more likely that the person will relapse.

A comprehensive treatment plan that includes rehabilitation after detox will account for these issues and incorporate therapy, education, health care, medication, community involvement, case management services, and more for a whole-person approach to healing. If you leave rehab with a new outlook on life, a safe and sober place to live, new work skills, and a healthy body and mind, you can start on the right foot with a better chance of staying sober.

Personalized Detox Plans at Resurgence Behavioral Health’s Fontana Facility

Your detox plan needs to be customized to address your unique needs. No two people are the same, and at Resurgence Behavioral Health’s Fontana inpatient drug detox center, we ensure that our clients all receive personalized care from the moment they walk through our doors.

When you come to Resurgence Behavioral Health, the first step is to undergo an evaluation of your needs. It may include an examination by a doctor, an interview, and a psychiatric screening. We want to find out what your health needs will be under our care, what your history of drug use has been, how your mental health is doing, and what your personal goals are during and after detox.

From there, we can collaborate with you to create a custom plan that will help you stop using drugs and alcohol safely and then move forward in your life as a sober individual. We will meet you where you are in your recovery to provide you with the appropriate level of care.

Support and Care During Detox: The Fontana Inpatient Experience

When you stay inside the inpatient drug detox center in Fontana, you will live in the center full-time, with 24-hour oversight. Everybody has a unique timeline for how long detox takes. It may take several days to a few weeks for your body to adjust.

The facility is very comfortable, with full-sized beds, good food, and access to counseling and support. There are always doctors or nursing staff around to talk to or to provide medical care if needed. Your safety and comfort are our top concerns. We will be able to tell you more about the timeline and what to expect from your time with us after you meet with our team and complete your physical and mental health screenings.  

Transitioning from Detox to Ongoing Treatment in Fontana

We make it easy to transition from our Fontana inpatient drug detox center into a custom rehab program. Detox is only the beginning of your journey, and we want to ensure you have full support, medical care, therapy, peer groups, counseling, and community support for as long as you need it.

Our inpatient and outpatient rehab programs offer a variety of therapies like behavioral therapies like CBT, REBT, and DBT, life skills programs, family therapy, group therapy, EMDR, couple’s therapy, experiential therapy, physical fitness, nutritional counseling, and more. We also provide long-term access to our alumni network, local 12-step groups, and sober living home referrals. These programs can last a lifetime, ensuring you are never alone in your recovery.

Why Choose Resurgence Behavioral Health’s Inpatient Drug Detox Center in Fontana

Some of the reasons to choose Resurgence Behavioral Health’s inpatient drug detox center include our:

  • Top-tier, evidence-based medical and mental health care options.
  • Comfortable, clean, and welcoming facilities.
  • MAT and dual diagnosis programs for those who need them.
  • Caring, trauma-informed staff who want to help.
  • Easy transition into inpatient or outpatient rehab, with a lifetime connection to sober support.

We treat each of our patients with the respect and dignity they deserve. You are not “an addict.” You are a person with a treatable condition. We are here to help you receive customized care so you can improve your health and find new ways to work toward becoming the drug- and alcohol-free person you want to be.

If you are ready to take the first step toward sobriety or have any questions regarding our programs, facilities, amenities, or insurance coverage, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 855-458-0050.

Josh Chandler
Josh Chandler
After growing up in Chicago and North Carolina, Josh chose to get help with substance use disorder and mental health in California because of the state's reputation for top-tier treatment. There, he found the treatment he needed to achieve more than five years of recovery. He's been in the drug and alcohol addiction rehab industry for four years and now serves as the Director of Admissions for Resurgence Behavioral Health. Josh remains passionate about the field because he understands that one phone call can alter the course of a person's life.

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