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Best Addiction Treatment Center in Newport Beach, CA

Newport Beach addiction treatment center

Best Detox & Rehab Center For Addiction in Newport Beach, CA

Newport Beach residents that are seeking addiction treatment center support that includes quality forms of addiction therapy choose Resurgence Behavioral Health as the top choice for recovery and healing. Our recovery center offers patients a full continuum of care that supports them where they are in their recovery process. Each patient has the option of participating in a medical detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient rehab, sober living, and aftercare programs that help him maintain long-term sobriety. Each patient is offered a personalized treatment program that is geared to meet their individual needs and goals for addiction recovery. 

A key component of maintaining sobriety is developing a foundation in life that is centered around sobriety, health, and wellness. This means that you’ll need to be equipped with the right coping strategies and tools for overcoming triggers, maintaining stable physical and mental health, and establishing a healthy daily lifestyle that is fulfilling and enriching. Throughout your treatment program, patients are provided with educational programs that support them in developing life skills, tools for relapse prevention, and opportunities for personal growth and discovery so that they can begin creating a new way of life in sobriety that they’re seeking. Resurgence Behavioral Health is committed to empowering our patients to see the possibilities available within a life of sober living and will walk alongside you every step of the way as you heal and grow from the impacts of substance use disorders. 

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Why Choose Resurgence For Substance Use Disorders?

At Resurgence, we have a team of medical staff and addiction counselors that specialize in safe, effective detox and healing processes. Healing from addiction cannot be done through a cookie-cutter format for all patients. Treatment plans need to be customized to match the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual needs of each patient. Through our comprehensive treatment plans, patients are invited to engage in evidence-based therapy methods, alternative approaches to healing, holistic therapies, and medical treatments that provide patients with a whole-person integrated approach to healing that enhances their ability to achieve long-lasting recovery. 

Healing from a substance use disorder should not feel like a punishment which is why we’ve created our recovery center to be a caring, inviting environment that fosters healing and personal growth. Patients have access to our highly trained and educated addiction specialists along with the wide range of amenities within our treatment facility. Each room has comfortable beds, desk areas, and a television to make for a peaceful, home-like environment for you to rest and rejuvenate each night. Patients can enjoy our on-site chefs, exercise rooms, and tranquil property that you can walk through for meditative walks. Healing from substance use disorders is a time for healthy transformation within a supportive, empathetic environment and our team strives to make this healing journey comfortable for you. 

Alcohol Detox Program

For many Newport Beach residents beginning at an addiction treatment center, an alcohol detox program is typically the first step. Some individuals can skip this first step if they’ve already begun a detox process on their own and gone through detox elsewhere. When you begin alcohol detox with Resurgence, you’ll have medical supervision and guidance as you slowly release the harmful toxins of alcohol from your body. Our medical team provides 24/7 supervision and support to ensure that any withdrawal symptoms you’re experiencing are given leading medical treatments to mitigate the severity of the symptoms. The goal of an alcohol detox program is to maintain a person’s health and safety while keeping him feeling comfortable and at ease throughout this initial recovery process. 

Newport Beach patients can be invited to participate in a variety of healing methods that work to minimize the intensity of withdrawal symptoms, reduce the presence of alcohol cravings, and keep their physical and psychological health stable. Once you’ve successfully and safely moved through the withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, you’ll be ready to transition into the next phase of your recovery program in an inpatient or outpatient alcohol rehab program. 

Drug Detox Program

Resurgence offers specific detox programs for patients overcoming drug addiction and dependence at our Newport Beach drug detox center. Drug detox is the first step in a recovery process for substance use disorders as it focuses on healing from the physical dependence on illicit drugs or prescription drugs. Once you’ve overcome the physical reliance on substances, you’ll be in a healthy state to start the next process of recovery to start exploring the mental and behavioral dependence and addiction to substances. 

Our medical detox program provides patients with a safe, supportive environment to detox from substances. Withdrawal symptoms can range in severity depending on the intensity of your substance use disorder. It is recommended that patients detox within our recovery center to avoid experiencing severe symptoms that can result in significant health concerns. Our team will offer specialized, expert treatment approaches to ensure you safely and effectively overcome your dependence on substances without experiencing negative health concerns. 

Alcohol Rehab in Newport Beach, CA

Newport Beach residents that enter into alcohol rehab will be invited to complete an initial admission process with our medical staff and intake team. During this time, our team will get to know you, your history of alcohol use, and your overarching goals for addiction treatment and recovery. As we get to know your specific circumstances with addiction and areas you wish to grow within recovery, our team can develop an individualized treatment plan that includes a variety of addiction therapy methods. 

Our goal at this Newport Beach addiction treatment center is to support patients in gaining awareness and education about the core root causes of their addictive behaviors while gaining the appropriate life skills for long-term addiction recovery. Through individual and group therapy sessions, patients are supported in exploring and understanding how their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors contribute to their addictive patterns and develop the coping skills to overcome triggering responses and behaviors. With the right methods of addiction treatment and support, you’ll have the ability to maintain long-term addiction recovery by using healthy coping strategies and tools. 

Drug Rehab in Newport Beach, CA

Our educated and compassionate team at Resurgence is fully equipped to support Newport Beach residents in overcoming addiction to any type of substance they’re addicted to– prescription or illicit street drugs. Our individualized treatment approaches are designed to support all Newport Beach residents living with substance use disorders regardless of their specific circumstances with addiction. We’ll work with you to heal from the underlying causes of your addictive patterns and gain the awareness to learn how to manage your addiction going forward. 

Drug rehab is offered in both residential treatment and outpatient rehab options. Every drug rehab program offered will incorporate a variety of healing methods that are designed to treat the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual impacts of substance use disorders. We’ll work with you to establish healthy living habits and routines that foster long-term addiction recovery and support you in progressing towards a new life free of substance use, gaining stable mental health functioning, and learning how to thrive in recovery. 

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

Each rehab program will vary in cost due to the personalized care plans that are given to each patient. While the cost may vary from person to person, we strive to provide treatment programs that are reasonable and fair in price so that finances don’t become a barrier to your success. Our team has insurance specialists that can explore and verify your medical insurance plan to find you the most supplementation possible for your treatment cost. If you don’t have insurance coverage, our team will work with you to create an affordable payment plan. Speak to one of our admission team members who will help you explore your payment options to find the most suitable course of action for your upcoming rehab program. 

How Long is Detox?

Detox is a process that is individualized to each patient. Just like other aspects of addiction treatment, there is no standard set of time that patients will complete detox in. The length of time that you’re in detox will depend on several factors that are unique to you and your specific circumstances with substance use– the length of time you’ve been engaging in substance use, the type(s) of substances you regularly use, how often you engage in substance use, and any medical or mental health concerns that you’re living with. 

Some patients may require the full length of time to complete detox which can last up to 10 days. Whereas, other patients may overcome withdrawal symptoms and complete detox within a few days. Our medical team will monitor your progress throughout detox to ensure your safety and assess your progression through withdrawal and detox. Once our team deems you safe and healthy to transition to the next phase of your recovery program, you can begin a drug or alcohol rehab program. 

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

How Long is Rehab?

Rehab, similar to other Newport Beach addiction treatment center programs, is a highly personal process that will vary in the length of time people participate in them. Your addiction is unique to you and your treatment process will reflect the same. Depending on your unique history of substance use, you may require more time to engage in a drug or alcohol rehab program. Typically, those people that have been living with a substance use disorder for a long period may require the support of a long-term rehab program to fully engage in the healing process and develop the tools and coping skills to maintain long-lasting sobriety. Whereas, people that have been living with an addiction to drugs or alcohol for shorter periods may only require a short-term rehab program to help stabilize and get on the path to sober living. 

At Resurgence, we value and believe that any time spent in rehab is a step in a positive direction. Patients are encouraged to take as much time as they need to complete their treatment program to ensure that they gain the most education, knowledge, and healing to foster a long-term, healthy life in sobriety. Studies have shown the longer someone participates in drug or alcohol rehab, the relapse rates decline. 

Patients are offered varying methods of rehab that include both short-term and long-term rehab options. A short-term rehab can invite patients to complete treatment for up to 30 days and then transition into an outpatient rehab program. If you’re looking for long-term support in a safe, secure healing environment, long-term rehab options are available that invite you to reside within our recovery center for 60 to 90 days. Our team will work with you to establish the right length of time to complete your rehab program and ensure you receive the appropriate levels of care needed for long-lasting sobriety. 

Short-Term Rehab

A 30-day rehab program is often the minimum amount of time that patients can complete a residential rehab program. Short-term rehab offers ample opportunities for patients to develop an awareness of their addiction and coinciding triggers to help create a solid foundation for managing stressors or cravings while remaining abstinent. When patients complete a short-term rehab program, it’s recommended that they continue with addiction treatment or support through an aftercare or outpatient rehab program. Fortunately, the team at Resurgence offers patients the one-on-one support they require throughout treatment and as they prepare for graduation from rehab to support them in establishing the appropriate next steps and levels of care that they require. We’ll create a plan that is comfortable and appropriate for you to ensure your next phases in early addiction recovery are stable and successful. 

Long-Term Rehab

A long-term rehab program is ideal for patients that have had an extensive history of substance use or have had a history of relapse. The longer you’re in rehab, the more time you’ll have to understand your behaviors, thoughts, and emotions that have contributed to your addictive behaviors and begin laying a solid framework for recovery that sets you up for success in long-term sobriety. As you explore the underlying causes of addiction, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in specific evidence-based therapy methods that educate you on tools for managing triggers, identifying potentially harmful thoughts, situations, or actions, and giving you the strategies you need to avoid relapse behaviors. Our long-term rehab programs are coupled with extensive aftercare plans that ensure you get the right levels of care and support to maintain long-term sobriety. 

Couples Rehab

Couples that are experiencing substance use disorders together and are ready to seek appropriate care from an addiction treatment program can access Resurgence for Couples rehab. When two partners are both engaging in substance use, it can significantly change the dynamic of the relationship to one that is centered around drug or alcohol use. This can change the relationship you have with one another and can influence your addictive behaviors. However, when Newport Beach couples are seeking help at an addiction treatment center together, it provides a unique opportunity to offer support, guidance, and love to one another that is centered around recovery. During couples rehab, patients are provided with opportunities to participate in individual and group therapy sessions along with couple’s sessions. You and your partner will learn how to manage your addiction together, develop new ways of communicating and reestablish trust and a daily routine together that fosters health, well-being, and sobriety. 

Pet-Friendly Rehab

Many Newport Beach residents are seeking an addiction treatment center that allows pets to attend. Resurgence Behavioral Health understands the level of support that pets can offer and wants to foster a healthy, supportive environment that allows you to gain the most from your healing experience. Pets offer unconditional love and superior stress relief. Addiction treatment is a process that can bring up several emotions and changes to overcome. A pet offers the care and support many people need to get through this necessary, life-changing event to achieve long-lasting sobriety. 

Does My Insurance Have Coverage For Rehab?

Yes, the cost of addiction treatment programs is often included in most major insurance companies’ insurance policies offered. Each insurance provider and terms of coverage will result in varying amounts and services covered for addiction treatment. If you’re looking to gain clarification on the extent of coverage offered by your insurance provider, contact Resurgence to speak to our insurance specialists who can verify your insurance and answer any questions you may have. 

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Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

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