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Pet Friendly Drug Rehab in California

Drug Detox , Drug Rehab Alexa Iocco | March 11, 2022

Pet Friendly Drug Rehab in California Resurgence Behavioral Health

You Can Bring Your Pet to Drug Rehab

Pets are an essential part of any family unit. They are the chosen family members that bring joy and comfort to you and, at your most challenging times, will be the ones to provide you with the solace of unconditional love. Household pets are often perceptive to our emotions and can feel when you are in need of comfort and affection. Unlike other human beings, the relationships you develop with a pet after having their unwavering love are unlike any other; strong and tight-knit. For many California residents that are considering entering into drug rehab, the thought of leaving your beloved pet behind as you embark on this life-changing journey of addiction recovery can create barriers for individuals to commit to a drug rehab program. You want to know your loved one is being taken care of while you are in rehab but you also will want to have your trusted confidante by your side through your addiction recovery process. Resurgence Behavioral Health offers an addiction treatment program for California residents that invites you and your beloved pet to come into our drug addiction treatment facility to heal from your past of substance abuse with your trusted furry friend by your side. 

Recovering from drug addiction requires in-depth emotional work and exploration to gain an understanding of what has been at the root of your drug addiction all along. As you get the support of our addiction counselors to work through the various factors associated with drug addiction through evidence-based treatment methods, you will be able to examine how your drug addiction has impacted your physical, emotional, and mental health and develop the tools you need to overcome future triggers and solidify your skills for relapse prevention. This journey of personal growth requires patients to have time for self-care through effective emotional processing and decompressing from the intense work of self-transformation. Having your pet by your side will allow you to have your trusted companion by your side to bring you comfort and relaxation as you move through your drug rehab program. California residents that have brought their pet with them to our addiction treatment center have found that they are able to remain focused on their recovery process as they have the company of a loved one that allows them to remember what is driving their motivation to get clean and sober by being present and healthy for their family. 

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How Pets Help with Mental Health

Pets have a sixth sense of being able to read our emotions and know the right time to bring us comfort and companionship when we are at our lowest, especially when our mental health is struggling. Addiction is considered a mental health disorder and, for many, there is often a co-occurring mental health condition that impacts your addiction and overall well-being. The side effects of mental health disorders have the potential to be unpleasant and debilitating if untreated without the support of licensed clinicians and intensive evidence-based therapy methods through dual diagnosis treatment programs to provide you with the tools for effective coping skills. Without the proper knowledge on how best to mitigate the symptoms of your mental health disorder, many individuals will turn to drug use as a method of self-medicating to ease the severity of the side effects of your mental health disorder. As you attempt to address your mental health concerns, having your beloved pet by your side has many benefits in helping to further your success in treatment. 

  • Helps to reduce the symptoms and side effects of anxiety and depression as the companionship helps to calm your emotions and anxieties through the therapeutic interactions with your pet 
  • Having the company of a cat,  dog, or other pet will assist in reducing your stress level as your levels of cortisol will be reduced which is responsible for your stress levels. Instead, patients will experience an increase in your serotonin and dopamine levels that will help to increase your feelings of happiness and relaxation. 
  • Increase and maintain your motivation for achieving your overarching goals of addiction recovery as you have your pet to keep you accountable and remind you of the family that you want to stay clean and sober for 
  • Support in creating and solidifying a daily routine in sobriety that includes caring for your pet by feeding, walking, and providing care and attention to your furry friend 
  • Encourage positive social interactions as you engage with other pet owners and share the same interest of having and loving your pet. 
  • Increase connection with nature and the outdoors through physical activity by having to talk your pet for a walk or a run. Physical activity and connecting with nature has been proven to be an effective measure to manage your mental health 
  • Create a sense of belonging especially for those individuals that have felt isolated within their addiction. Pets show their owners unconditional love and support no matter what is going on in your life, you can count on your pet to be by your side. 

Positive Effects of Pet Friendly Rehab

Having your pet with you while you address your substance abuse through a drug rehab program provides many benefits to your addiction recovery journey. Depending on the severity of your drug addiction and the length of time that you choose to participate in inpatient drug rehab to uncover the layers of your addiction, individuals may feel uncomfortable leaving their pet behind for an extended period of time. The cost of securing boarding for your animal can be steep and, for some, is out of your budget for what you can afford. Having the opportunity to bring your pet with you to drug rehab will ensure that your pet is cared for without breaking your budget to find pet care.   

Pets are able to provide patients with a sense of accountability and responsibility to uphold their commitments to your overarching goals for sobriety. When you have the life of another living creature in your hands, it often forces owners to look beyond their needs and overcome drug cravings and urges to ensure that your beloved companion is taken care of. 

What To Look For in a Pet Friendly Rehab

When you are preparing to enter into a pet-friendly rehab, it is important that you speak to one of the compassionate counselors within the addiction recovery center to ask what if there are program requirements such as size or weight limits. Once you confirm that your pet meets the required criteria, you will need to make sure that you bring all the supplies that you will need for your pet including food, dishes, bed, blankets, waste bags, and toys. While you are in rehab, you will be responsible for caring for your pet by walking, feeding, and cleaning up after your pet. This helps patients to build the life skills of a healthy routine based on accountability and responsibility. 

A pet-friendly rehab will ask that you will be responsible for your pet’s behavior. While your pet is a comfort to you it is important that their behavior does not impede another patient’s progress within their addiction recovery by being loud and disruptive. To ensure that you have the proper space and privacy with your pet, most addiction treatment centers will require that you stay within a private room. 

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What Makes Pet Friendly Drug Rehab Different?

Pet-friendly drug rehab is different from a traditional drugs and alcohol treatment program for the holistic treatment process that is offered that includes you and your family and pets.  We honor and respect that your pet has a big piece of your heart and want to allow patients to have the comfort and unconditional love and support that comes from your pet. As you embark on your healing process, you will still engage in various therapeutic methodologies that will target you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healing from addiction and moving into a healthy life in sober living. 

Resurgence Pet Friendly Drug Rehab in California

Resurgence Behavioral Health offers California residents a drug and alcohol rehab program that invites you and your pet to embark on the healing journey of a lifetime. Through the various evidence-based therapy methods offered, patients will be able to address the underlying causes of their drug addiction through cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and dual diagnosis treatment to develop a new foundation in coping strategies for potential triggers to ensure that you are equipped with the skills for relapse prevention. Our pet-friendly drug rehabs offer you and your most trusted companion an opportunity to go on this healing journey together to achieve your overarching goals of a life in recovery. Contact Resurgence today to tell us more about you and your pet and your hopes and dreams for a life in recovery so we can create a personalized addiction treatment program that is based on your needs and goals. 

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

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