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Residential Treatment Centers Irvine

Alcohol Rehab , Drug Rehab Alexa Iocco | February 17, 2022

Residential Treatment Centers Irvine Resurgence Behavioral Health

What is Residential Treatment?

When you’re ready to reach out for help regarding treatment in Irvine for a substance abuse disorder, it’s essential that you reach out to one of the addiction treatment centers in Irvine that offer a residential recovery program. A residential inpatient provides you with the unique opportunity to completely change the people, places, and things around you that may be contributing factors to your addiction. Many times, a person may fall into a continuous cycle of addiction simply because of their environment or the people around them that may be negatively influencing them. When you make the choice to commit to a residential program, you will have the positive reassurances and support that you need to make the changes in your life that you need. 

Addiction Treatment that
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Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

What Does Residential Addiction Treatment Offer?

Over and above a safe and sober environment, a residential program will give you the chance to really focus on yourself and the steps that you need to take to overcome your addiction. In many cases, this is a step that you may have been thinking about taking for a long time but simply didn’t know how or when to take it. However, once you’re in a structured environment that residential addiction treatment provides, you may find that you have the strength to be able to change your approach to addiction and overcome the struggles that you have faced once and for all. One of the best things about this form of treatment is that it provides a home away from home type of environment which can be a great source of comfort for a person who understands that they need to change the environment around them but have concerns about taking these steps initially. 

Residential vs Inpatient Treatment Centers

It’s important that every client and their family understand the unique difference between a residential and an inpatient treatment program. Clients that need inpatient care often require some form of medical attention. Residential clients, on the other hand, are living at the facility voluntarily and are actively participating in different forms of therapy as part of their recovery. As you begin to work through your treatment program, you will come to find that therapy is an important aspect of it. The reason why therapy is so important is that it will help you to develop a better understanding of the root cause of your addiction. Some of the examples of therapy that you will experience during residential care include: 

Group therapy 

Group therapy is a critical factor in your treatment program because it provides you with the chance to interact and communicate with other people that are also working through their own treatment program. Many times, a person that is struggling with addiction feels as though they are completely alone in what they are thinking and feeling. Group therapy can help to change that mentality while also developing your own system of support which is something that is critical in your long-term recovery process. 

Individual therapy

Individual therapy provides you with the one-on-one counseling that you need as you begin to change your life and commit to addiction treatment. Individual therapy gives you the platform that you need to address certain aspects of your life that you may not feel comfortable talking about in a group setting. Also, you will have the opportunity to review your treatment program with your team to ensure that you’re continuing to progress in your recovery. 

Family therapy 

If you have struggled with addiction, it’s possible that you may have also had issues in maintaining the relationships that you have had with your friends and loved ones. However, once you’re committed to addiction treatment, you may find that your family is more open to having a relationship with you. Family therapy can help you to open the channels of communication again so that you’re able to reconnect with your family. You may come to find that this communication with your family can lead to you being able to redevelop your system of support. 

Benefits of Residential Treatment for Drugs and Alcohol

There are several advantages associated with making the decision to go to residential treatment. Here are just some of the reasons why more and more people are opting to work through this type of program: 

A home away from home type of environment 

There are many people that are hesitant to take advantage of a residential program because they are concerned that they won’t feel comfortable in their environment. However, when you partner with a top-notch treatment facility, you will be able to enjoy a home away from home type of environment that will help you to remain focused on the steps that you’re taking to overcome your addiction. 

Around the clock access to your treatment team 

One of the best things about a residential program is the fact that you will have unlimited access to your recovery team. This is something that can help you on the challenging days that you’re sure to have as you navigate through the recovery process. For instance, if there is something that you’re struggling with on a particular day, you know that you can always speak with your team and receive the reassurance that you need to continue on in your recovery program. 

An individualized treatment plan 

Any experienced team at a treatment facility will work closely with you to develop a recovery program that suits your individual needs. If you decide to collaborate with Resurgence Behavioral Health, our treatment team will always go above and beyond to ensure that your recovery program is working for you. Your program will always be unique to you and your needs which is what will help you to make the most out of your time in treatment. 

How Long Does Residential Treatment Last?

One of the understandable questions that a person often has when it comes to inpatient rehab revolves around how long this type of treatment program will last. The answer depends on the person that is working through this type of substance abuse treatment program. There are many people who are ready to commit to a substance abuse program, however, they don’t feel comfortable enough to remain in a drug abuse program for longer than 30 days. There are several who struggle with substance use disorders who understand the benefit of committing to a program for alcoholism treatment for a 60- or 90-day period. Regardless of the rehab program that you opt to commit to, you can rest assured that you will have an abundance of treatment resources that you will be able to tap into throughout the course of your rehab program. Also, your treatment team will continuously check in with you to ensure that you’re still moving forward in the right direction. 

Another concern that often goes hand in hand with developing a plan for alcohol or drug rehab Costa Mesa revolves around how a person will pay for their time in rehab in Orange County. However, if you have private insurance, you may want to see if you can receive insurance verification to have your treatment program covered through your provider. If you get your insurance accepted by your treatment facility then there is a possibility that you may have to only spend very little or nothing out of pocket. 

Residential Treatment Centers for Couples

Did you know that there are several drugs and alcohol recovery centers in the Irvine CA area that offer inpatient treatment for couples? It’s not out of the ordinary for both parts of a couple to face challenges regarding drug or alcohol addiction. If you and your partner feel as though you may have an easier time facing these challenges with your partner, then you may want to look for a treatment facility that offers a couples treatment option. Couples addiction treatment gives you and your partner the opportunity to work through an alcohol and drug treatment program together, however, you will each still have your own personalized treatment plan. One of the best things about a couples residential inpatient program is that you will have time to work on your relationship with each other while also committing to an ongoing recovery program that will address your own drug or alcohol addiction. You will also have access to an abundance of treatment resources that can help you both when it comes to your addiction recovery. 

When you make the decision to partner with Resurgence Behavioral Health, you can take comfort in the fact that we will help you to develop a plan for addiction recovery that will assist you in understanding the severe impact that drug addiction or an addiction to alcohol can have on your life. Through residential inpatient treatment, you will have the opportunity to live in a safe and sober environment at our drug and alcohol rehab near Irvine CA. If you’ve struggled with drug addiction or addiction to alcohol, please get in touch with us today at (855) 458-0050.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

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