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Why Work with an Addiction Therapist in Los Angeles

Why Work With an Addiction Therapist in Los Angeles Resurgence Behavioral Health

What is An Addiction Therapist?

Deciding to take action and address your issues with substance use disorders can be one of the biggest moments of your life. Drug addiction can affect every area of your life, from home to work to relationships of all kinds, and getting help is often the only way to make the change you need. When you work with a drug treatment therapist in Los Angeles you will have all the support you need to put drugs and alcohol behind you for good. There are many pitfalls you can encounter when you attempt to address your problems with drugs and alcohol on your own. In fact, there are many dangers involved in beginning alcohol or drug detox on your own beyond just being unsuccessful. That’s why when it comes to dealing with drug addictions, it’s always best to work with professionals. Our substance abuse and addiction counseling staff members are highly trained members of our exceptional team at Resurgence Health in Los Angeles, California. If you or a loved one is struggling with drugs or alcohol, give us a call today. You can speak to a substance abuse counselor who can start you on your journey into recovery. 

Addiction Treatment that
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Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

What is An Addiction Therapist?

An addiction therapist is a trained drug and alcohol rehab professional that works with people struggling with substance abuse disorders or who have fallen into a pattern of abuse. Individuals who battle drug addiction are just one category of people and a drug treatment therapist works with them on a regulator basis. An addiction counselor can also help people who have just begun down the road of substance abuse in order to avert them from further damaging their lives and negatively affecting the people around them. Addiction counseling covers a wide range of substance abuse treatment methods and at Resurgence Health we make sure we work diligently with all of our clients so that we can provide them the best care regarding their problems with drugs and alcohol. There are a lot of choices when it comes to addiction counseling for drug rehab Los Angeles, California and at Resurgence, we feel like we offer some of the best options for individuals in the area. No one ever looks forward to worrying about problems with drugs and alcohol but working with a top-notch therapist can make a big difference in a person’s path to recovery.

Who Needs An Addiction Therapist?

Substance abuse and other issues regarding drugs and alcohol are often spoken about as if they are cut and dry and very straightforward scenarios in a person’s life. That is usually far from the case. Most people take a very winding road when it comes to substance abuse and drug addiction, and substance use disorders also affect each individual differently. The point of all of this is that substance abuse therapy can help people in a lot of different stages of substance abuse. No matter whether someone has just begun abusing drugs and alcohol and sees a dangerous path ahead or they have had drug addictions of one kind or another for some time, working with a drug rehab therapist can be a huge help. An addiction therapist works with clients in several different environments, too. Addiction counseling occurs in residential rehabilitation centers, outpatient programs, partial hospitalization plans, and drug and alcohol addiction detox facilities. During their overall course of treatment, an individual will work with more than one therapist, although they will have a primary counselor through most stages of rehab. Drugs and alcohol, although accepted in some forms and to some extent in our society, are a pervasive element in a person’s life and anyone who thinks they have a problem can benefit from working with a substance abuse counselor. 

What Does An Addiction Therapist Do? 

An addiction therapist is a lot of things: a counselor, a life coach, and a support system all rolled up into one drug treatment professional. When an individual decides to address their drug and alcohol addiction or abuse, they will work with an addiction therapy professional during each stage of treatment. This includes alcohol and drug detox, residential treatment, outpatient treatment programs, stays in sober living facilities, and working with aftercare organizations. There are many professionals in the drug addiction treatment world that wear several different hats regarding patient care, and a drug treatment therapist is definitely one of them. 

An addiction therapy professional assesses and identifies the risk level of an individual client. How likely are they to be triggered and what circumstances do they need to avoid. One of their roles is relapse prevention for their clients, and this means getting to know exactly what makes them turn to drugs and alcohol. An addiction counselor often works with patients who have a dual diagnosis, which means in addition to struggling with drugs and alcohol, patients may also have underlying mental health issues, like anxiety, an eating disorder, or depression. As part of addiction therapy, professional team members will work together to make sure both of an individual’s diagnoses are being treated, and not just one or the other.

An addiction counselor also develops short and long-term strategies for a client, again, with relapse prevention being one of the key goals. As part of addiction treatment, a counselor will help a person decide what scenarios a person in recovery should avoid, and which ones they can handle using life skills they learn in addiction therapy. There are many aftercare support organizations for people in recovery, and at Resurgence Health we strongly recommend that individuals take advantage of the ones available in Los Angeles, California. However, one of the roles of a drug rehab therapist is to help a person entering recovery from substance abuse and addiction to be as self-sufficient as possible. 

An addiction counselor uses several different types of substance abuse treatment options when working with an individual struggling with drugs and alcohol. This can include behavioral therapy, family therapy, and individual therapy, among other substance abuse treatment options. Our therapists in Los Angeles work tirelessly to ensure the right combination of care options is used for each of our clients. Therapy for addiction can be a very fluid situation and making sure a client is getting the most out of their treatment is one of our prime concerns. 

How Much Does An Addiction Therapist Cost?

The cost of addiction therapy in Los Angeles is often a major concern for people considering treatment for drugs and alcohol. When it comes to your health, this should be the last thing on your mind. At Resurgence Health we will work with you to verify your insurance and make sure you are taking advantage of all of the benefits that it provides. At Resurgence Health in Los Angeles, we offer many different levels of care, including residential rehab, outpatient therapy sessions, sober living home coordination, and other flexible treatment programs that can all be reviewed so that you are comfortable with all aspects of the care we offer. No one should have to go through dealing with drug addiction alone and we will make every effort to make you feel at ease when it comes to the administrative portion of getting the care you or one of your loved one’s needs.

Benefits of Having An Addiction Therapist

There are a lot of benefits to having a therapist to assist with your drug rehab. Working with an addiction therapy professional means that you always have someone to turn to when things get tough. Addiction recovery takes commitment on the part of the patient and the addiction therapy professionals they work with during treatment. Sometimes an addiction recovery therapist can be the last line of defense when it comes to relapse prevention. Just having someone who has seen so many people battle drugs and alcohol can reinforce what you have been taught in addiction therapy can be the difference between drinking or using again or not. Being successful in recovery takes effort, and there will be good days and bad, but by committing to learning the coping mechanisms that a therapist can provide, the better days will outnumber the not-so-great ones. A drug rehab therapist helps someone in the many phases of being in recovery. They prepare their patients for change. They show their patients what actions to take to prevent them from going back to drugs and alcohol. And last but not least, they educate clients on how to maintain their sobriety. 

Working With An Addiction Therapist in Los Angeles at Resurgence

In Los Angeles, California, Resurgence Health is here to help as many people as possible address substance use disorders. No matter whether it’s alcohol abuse, opioid addiction, or one of the many other substances that can cause problems in a person’s life, we’re here to help. Call us today to talk to one of our excellent addiction counselors. We will review all of the options we have to offer you or one of your loved ones. Addiction therapy covers a wide range of treatment options and we will make sure we design the best addiction treatment program for you. Call us today!

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

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