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What is Holistic Substance Abuse Therapy?

Holistic substance abuse therapy refers to a type of treatment that focuses on treating a person as a “whole.” Holistic therapy focuses on four parts; mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Making sure all four are in balance is the primary goal. Holistic substance abuse treatment can be a powerful tool to use in maintaining your sobriety.

Holistic clinics and holistic treatment groups are available in most cities and have gained widespread popularity. A core belief of holistic treatment is that a person is not a disease. Holistic substance abuse therapy focuses on balancing all parts of your body together for the best outcomes and healthiest life.

Understanding Holistic Substance Abuse Therapy for Drug Addiction

Holistic substance abuse therapy is centered around calming experiences and improving coping strategies with stress. Many have found that holistic therapy improves sleep, nutrition, and overall sense of well-being. Holistic treatment can increase awareness of thoughts and actions, which can be enlightening in understanding their addiction.

Recognizing triggers and processing their reasons for their addiction are necessary mental steps in maintaining sobriety.

Types of Holistic Therapy

Different holistic treatments may be used to find balance with addiction treatment. Not everyone has to try every kind of holistic therapy offered. You may find that nature therapy offers more to you than art therapy. Different techniques open up additional awareness and mindfulness moments. Finding a program that works for you is the most important goal.

Talk Therapy

Supporting your emotional health during recovery is one of the single most important steps you will take in learning how to be sober. Recognizing your emotions and becoming comfortable with discussing them is a critical foundational step in recovery.


Yoga is a popular activity that centers the body and mind while exercising. It is a healthy way to stay in physical shape while remaining mindful of your body and mental state.


Keeping your balance with mind, body, and spirit starts with a healthy body. You may have suffered vitamin and mineral deficiencies while actively using addictive substances. Taking care of your nutritional health can improve self-confidence and can force you to treat yourself better.


Many addicts have not treated themselves well during active addiction. A massage can provide immediate stress relief and relaxation. Staying relaxed and preventing muscle tightness while working through possibly stressful mental issues can prove useful.


Engaging in some exercise therapy is a standard part of rehab. Improving self-confidence and spending time on a healthy activity is essential as you learn how to take better care of yourself.

Art Therapy

Art therapy may involve drawing or painting. Self-expression in a safe manner through art can be relaxing and help you develop self-confidence in your abilities.


Individuals coping with chronic pain have found relief by engaging in acupuncture.


Holistic therapy for addiction works together with traditional treatment. However, it does not replace proven tools in treating addiction. It is used as a supplement to the work done in group therapy or individual therapy.

Having a planned activity to reflect on the day’s events or what you have learned in therapy serves as a layering effect. It is similar to building a foundation of knowledge about yourself and the disease of addiction. The more you understand, the healthier you can become.

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