Medically Assisted Treatment for Residents of Billings

Your path to recovery, sculpted in the sprawling terrains of your courage and our expertise, begins here. For residents of Billings, Montana, seeking sanctuary and support in their journey toward sobriety, Billings medically assisted treatment (MAT) stands as a lighthouse amidst the stormy seas of addiction.

Navigating the path to recovery is an intrinsically personal and often challenging journey. Yet, when embraced with professional support and a tailored approach, it translates into a voyage of rediscovery, resilience, and renewed vigor. Medically assisted treatment integrates evidence-based pharmaceutical interventions with holistic therapeutic modalities, addressing both the physiological and psychological facets of addiction, ensuring a well-rounded, patient-centered approach to recovery.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

What is Billings Medically Assisted Treatment Like?

MAT, at its core, is designed to holistically stabilize and support individuals undergoing recovery by mitigating withdrawal symptoms, reducing cravings, and recalibrating neural pathways, all while fostering a supportive environment for emotional and psychological healing. It amalgamates the use of FDA-approved medications, such as Methadone, Buprenorphine, and Naltrexone, with various forms of therapy, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and other therapeutic approaches, to ensure a well-rounded recovery journey.

Medically Assisted Treatment does not merely focus on the physical aspects of addiction but holistically approaches the individual, seeking to usher in healing, resilience, and sustainable recovery across all facets of their being—mind, body, and soul.

What to Expect During Billings Medically Assisted Treatment Montana

Taking that pivotal step into recovery is both commendable and courageous. For residents of Billings, Montana, seeking to liberate themselves from the complexities of addiction, Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) represents a pathway steeped in scientific evidence and compassionate care, guiding you toward sustainable recovery. Here, we shed light on what one can anticipate when embarking on this transformative journey through MAT.

MAT synergizes approved medications with counseling and behavioral therapies, thereby providing a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to treating substance use disorders. This integrated model seeks to not only address the physical symptoms, such as withdrawal and cravings but also pivot towards emotional and psychological healing, fostering a holistic recovery.


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Why Choose Resurgence for Medically Assisted Treatment for Addiction in Billings, Montana?

Selecting a facility for Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) is a pivotal choice on your road to recovery. For those hailing from Billings, Montana, Resurgence stands out as a beacon of hope, illuminating a path that intertwines scientific expertise with heartfelt compassion, even amidst the miles that separate us.

Though Resurgence is not located in Billings, Montana, our arms of support, care, and expertise extend beyond physical boundaries, enveloping you in a community that champions your journey of recovery from the moment you reach out to us.

Choosing Resurgence means opting for a path where your journey to recovery is respected, supported, and nurtured in every possible way. It means selecting a future where your story is rewritten, not by the chains of addiction, but by resilience, recovery, and rejuvenation.

Does your Insurance Cover MAT Treatment in Billings, Montana?

Navigating the path toward recovery from substance abuse in Billings, Montana, introduces a pivotal question for many: Does insurance cover rehab? Understanding your insurance coverage for rehabilitation services is an essential component of organizing effective and seamless care. Here’s a guide to assist you in deciphering your options and ensuring you can access the help you need without unnecessary financial stress.

If there are gaps in coverage or if insurance doesn’t fully cover the treatment:

  • Investigate sliding scale payment options, where payment is based on an individual’s ability to pay.
  • Look into scholarship opportunities that some rehab facilities may offer to those in need.
  • Explore local non-profits or governmental programs that might assist in funding substance abuse treatment.

Understanding the interplay between rehab services and insurance coverage is a fundamental step in embarking on a stress-free recovery journey. By exploring, understanding, and utilizing the various avenues available, you ensure that your path toward recovery in Billings, Montana, is not hampered by financial hurdles, allowing you to focus wholly on your path toward revitalization and wellness.


How does Medically Assisted Treatment at Resurgence in Billings, Montana differ from other addiction treatment methods?

  • Holistic Approach: MAT at Resurgence typically integrates pharmacological interventions with psychological therapies, ensuring a dual approach that addresses both the physical and mental aspects of addiction.
  • Evidence-Based Treatment: MAT uses FDA-approved medications in conjunction with evidence-based therapeutic practices to guide individuals through recovery.
  • Individualized Programs: Resurgence often tailors MAT programs to each individual, considering their unique circumstances, addiction type, and recovery needs.

What can patients in Billings, Montana expect during their Medically Assisted Treatment at Resurgence?

  • Thorough Assessment: Initial evaluations of physical health, addiction severity, and any co-occurring mental health conditions.
  • Managed Withdrawal: Utilization of medications to manage withdrawal symptoms and diminish cravings.
  • Psychological Support: Access to various forms of therapy, including CBT and DBT, to navigate through emotional and mental challenges.
  • Continuous Care: Ongoing support post-treatment to aid in maintaining sobriety and managing potential relapses.

Why should residents of Billings, Montana consider Resurgence for their Medically Assisted Treatment for addiction?

  • Expertise: Resurgence typically boasts a multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals.
  • Comprehensive Care: Offering a blend of medical and therapeutic interventions to ensure holistic recovery.
  • Supportive Environment: Cultivating a supportive and understanding environment to nurture recovery journeys.

Is Medically Assisted Treatment at Resurgence in Billings, Montana suitable for all types of addictions?

MAT is often utilized for opioid addictions but may also be applicable for alcohol and other substance use disorders. The suitability can depend on individual assessments and the specific nature of the addiction.

How is the effectiveness of Medically Assisted Treatment measured at Resurgence in Billings, Montana?

  • Reduction in Substance Use: Monitoring the reduction or cessation of substance use in participants.
  • Improvement in Quality of Life: Evaluating improvements in social functioning, employment, and mental health.
  • Retention Rates: Measuring how many individuals remain in the treatment program for the intended duration.
  • Relapse Rates: Monitoring the frequency and causes of any relapses post-treatment.

Sober Attractions in Billings, Montana

Pictograph Cave State Park

A prehistoric site home to caves with paintings over 2,000 years old. It’s a great spot for history enthusiasts and offers hiking trails with interpretive signs about the area’s significance.


3401 Coburn Rd, Billings, MT 59101


Montana’s only zoo and botanical park, this 70-acre space houses over 80 animals, from wolves and tigers to a variety of birds, in naturalistic exhibits.


2100 S Shiloh Rd, Billings, MT 59106

Riverfront Park

A serene park along the Yellowstone River, perfect for strolls, picnics, and enjoying nature. With numerous walking trails and ponds, it’s a local favorite for relaxation.


S Billings Blvd, Billings, MT 59101

Four Dances Natural Area

A natural recreation area known for its stunning cliffs overlooking the Yellowstone River. It’s an excellent place for hiking and offers opportunities to view local wildlife.


Coburn Rd, Billings, MT 59101

Yellowstone County Museum

Situated atop the Rims, the museum provides a look into the history of the Yellowstone Valley, with exhibits ranging from Native American artifacts to frontier-era displays.


1950 Terminal Cir, Billings, MT 59105