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Addiction Treatment Center for Residents of Round Rock | Detox, Rehab for Alcohol, RX, Drugs

Addiction Treatment Alexa Iocco | August 18, 2021

Addiction Treatment for Residents of Round Rock Resurgence Behavioral health

Best Detox & Rehab Center for Addiction for Residents of Round Rock

Addiction can affect anybody at any time in their life, no matter their age, social status, religious beliefs, or gender. All kinds of people struggle with alcohol and drug addiction, and asking for help does not make you weak.

Some of the most common substances people become addicted to include alcohol, cocaine or crack cocaine, nicotine, benzodiazepines, opioids, sedatives or downers, and amphetamines like Adderall or crystal meth.

Common signs somebody has an addiction include:

  • Becoming secretive, lying, or stealing
  • Being financially unpredictable
  • Having new friends or changing friend groups completely
  • Keeping drug paraphernalia and stashes of drugs around

Common symptoms of addiction include:

  • Extreme changes in weight, mood, sleep habits, and energy levels
  • Missing work, school, or other responsibilities often, or performing poorly
  • An increased tolerance to the drug, needing to take the drug to feel normal and stave off withdrawal symptoms, with difficulty stopping or cutting back use
  • Having a preoccupation with planning, using, and recovering from the drug, and all social activities begin to revolve around using the substance

If you or your loved one is experiencing these signs and symptoms, it may be time to look into getting professional help. At Resurgence, we can work with you to create a customized treatment plan that will work with your goals and needs, as well as your budget and your preferences.

Resurgence is the best detox and rehab center for addiction for residents of Round Rock because of our incredible, highly-trained, and dedicated staff, our top-tier amenities, and our proven regimen of treatment options.

Some of the therapy options we offer include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Experiential Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • SMART/12-Step Groups
  • Process Groups
  • One-On-One Talk Therapy

We also have

  • Medically Assisted Treatment for Detoxing
  • Pet-Friendly Facilities
  • Couple’s Rehab
  • Family Therapy
  • Physical Fitness and Nutritional Support
  • Outings to Local Attractions and Nature
  • Vocational Training
  • Life Skills Training Classes
  • Access to our Alumni Network
  • Sober Living Home Referrals

With all of these options, plus our many life-skills classes you can take like Anger Management, Art Therapy, Real Talk, Interpersonal Relationships, Overcoming Trauma, and Developing Coping Skills, you are bound to find treatments that work for you while you rest your body, eat good food, and get healthy. Our individualized rehab programs are tailored to suit your needs. With our caring and dedicated staff, first-class amenities, and comfortable housing, Resurgence is a peaceful place to detox and rehabilitate, offering comprehensive, integrated care away from life’s everyday stresses.

To hear about your options, the steps you can take towards rehabilitation, or ask us any questions, contact us. We are here to help you take your first steps toward your own recovery.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Why Choose Resurgence

At Resurgence, our philosophy is to use a “whole patient” treatment approach. This means that during your intake, we will conduct an in-depth interview, get to know your medical history, screen for physical or mental health issues that need to be addressed and work with you to create a customized plan for treatment.

We use a trauma-informed methodology, getting a full picture of each patient’s life situation and acknowledging that people’s past experiences can affect how they feel and perceive things like medical care, authority figures, or being placed in a vulnerable position. We treat each patient with care and understanding, keeping you informed through transparent conversations, and always obtain your consent before moving forward with any treatment. We want you to feel safe, and we will do everything in our power to earn and keep your trust throughout your treatment.

At Resurgence, we offer dual diagnosis treatment. When a person is experiencing an undiagnosed psychiatric condition, they may try to self-medicate by using alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism. This can actually make their mental health worse and can prevent them from developing healthy habits and ways to deal with life’s problems. Substance abuse leads to physical dependency, which becomes an addiction. Some substances can interfere with psychiatric medication as well. This is why a dual diagnosis treatment is important when a patient at Resurgence has a co-occurring condition. Treating the addiction at the same time as the mental health issues with an integrated treatment approach will get to the root of both issues. This will make the risk of relapse much lower.

Alcohol Detox Program

The first step in an alcohol treatment program is to stop drinking, which is easier said than done. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms include tremors, anxiety and mood swings, brain fog, uncontrollable sweating, head and body aches, increased heart rate, and difficulty sleeping. Symptoms can quickly become serious without supervision from medical professionals, especially if you have been drinking for a long period of time, drinking very heavily, or if other health issues are present. Delirium tremens (DTs) are dangerous withdrawal symptoms that include confusion and agitation, hallucinations, high fever, and seizures. These symptoms can become life-threatening if not treated.

At Resurgence, our treatment program takes place in a home-like environment, and we use a medically assisted treatment (MAT) program, in which doctor-prescribed medications are administered to help get you through the worst of it. Licensed nurses are available during the day to oversee treatment and clinical staff available around the clock to ensure you remain safe and comfortable.

As we believe in treating the whole patient at Resurgence and not just the addiction, we will also screen for mental illness, and medications to help with this will also be introduced, alongside therapy to deal with any emotional issues or trauma that may come up during your detox. Your therapy will continue on into your stay in our rehab program after detox is complete.

Drug Detox Program

The most common drugs people become addicted to include:

Opioids (Oxycodone, Percocet, Hydrocodone, Codeine, Fentanyl, and Meperidine): painkillers that can produce euphoric feelings because they attach to opioid receptors in the brain to prevent pain signals. They are commonly abused by prescription holders and recreational users.

Heroin or diamorphine: a widely used opioid street drug and is commonly used as a less-expensive substitute for pain pills due to its euphoric highs.

Central Nervous System Depressants (Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines): These are tranquilizers that slow down brain activity, producing a calming effect on the body, and are used to control stress-related disorders like anxiety, insomnia, and epilepsy.

Stimulants (Amphetamine, Methylphenidate, Cocaine): increase your brain activity, boosting alertness and energy levels. They elevate heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure, elevating a person’s mood, but withdrawal from stimulants can cause the opposite effect, making you depressed and lack energy. There is a risk of suicidal tendencies during the withdrawal period from stimulants that should be overseen by medical professionals.

When you decide to stop using drugs, you will need to go through a detox period as your body removes the remaining drugs from your system and your brain chemistry readjusts. This process can be uncomfortable or even painful and dangerous depending on factors like your age and genetics, how long you have been using the drug and how much you were taking each time, which drug(s) you were using, and your physical health.

Drug withdrawal symptoms usually show up within two to six hours, and gradually ramp up to their peak at about the 72-hour mark. After that, you will begin to feel better every day until you are stable and clear-headed enough to move into our residential rehabilitation program.

At Resurgence, our Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) program combines behavioral health, dual diagnosis, and clinical care for a whole-patient-centered treatment, which will set the foundation for long-term, sustained recovery. Medications like methadone and buprenorphine are given as a maintenance treatment in prescription amounts under the supervision of a doctor. They are used to satisfy the body’s cravings for the drug, but without any euphoric high, to safely stop withdrawal symptoms without creating a new addiction. We will treat the biological and the behavioral components of addiction, while at the same time help you overcome physical withdrawal symptoms.

After detoxing, the next step will be a tailored, comprehensive rehabilitation plan, to help get to the root of your addiction. This will create success in your long-term recovery. You will learn strategies to sustain your sobriety long after rehab. Resurgence offers 30, 60, or 90-day residential rehab programs that will significantly reduce your risk of relapsing and teach you the skills you need to move forward in an independent, drug- and alcohol-free life.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Alcohol Rehab for Residents of Round Rock

After detox, the next step for patients at Resurgence is to transition into our inpatient rehabilitation program for a 30-90 day stay. When you move into residential rehab, you will live in a comfortable room with a full-sized bed and a TV, with 24-hour access to our staff. It is a drug- and alcohol-free, community-oriented environment in which you can face your addiction through a new lens.

Your days will be filled with attending therapy sessions, educational seminars, and groups. You will also have access to our exercise equipment, and healthy, fresh food is provided alongside a nutritional plan customized to you. Our onsite chefs can accommodate any food requirements you may have.

Some therapy options you may try during the rehab process include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy
  • Trauma-Focused Therapy
  • Experiential Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family or Couples Therapy
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
  • Equine Therapy

Much of the focus in these sessions will help you change self-destructive behavior and habits, replacing them with positive behaviors. You will challenge your own thoughts and responses, and the emotions related to addiction. You will also learn coping skills, and to recognize and avoid temptations and pressures when back in the outside world.

In the one-on-one sessions with therapists, you will talk about ways to improve your quality of life, examine issues that are hard to face alone, and learn strategies to stop unwanted thoughts and behaviors. In group therapy, you can talk with others to put your issues into perspective, see how others deal with their problems, brainstorm solutions, vent, or help others. You can meet other people in similar situations as you so you don’t feel alone in your recovery.

With our whole-patient approach, you will gain a healthier body, mind, and spirit. On top of that, we also offer life skills, vocational training, and case management sessions, to teach you skills you may have missed out on due to addiction, and to focus on specific issues some people would want to address. Some of these are job-related, like resume writing and interviewing skills, and we also offer classes that talk about subjects like anger management, stress reduction, and relapse prevention.

There is a treatment plan for everybody at Resurgence, and we can work with you to customize your rehab to work specifically for your needs, beliefs, and preferences. Contact us today to learn more.

Drug Rehab for Residents of Round Rock

When a person is addicted to a substance that creates a chemical dependency, a detox period is the first step. At Resurgence, we will screen you for physical and mental health issues and conduct an in-depth interview to create a customized, long-term recovery plan. We will then provide medical and psychological therapy supported by prescription medications to treat your detox symptoms as you rest and your body purges the remaining drugs from your system. Once detox is done, we move into our rehabilitation plan.

You may choose to use our social detox program if you wish. This is where no medications are administered as you detox. You will still check into our detox facility, and have 24/7 oversight by our clinical staff in case of emergency, along with therapy and counseling, but no medication will be given to help with symptoms.

Whichever option you choose, we will provide a safe and encouraging environment. At Resurgence we use trauma-informed methodologies, acknowledging that each of our patients has past and present life experiences that need to be respected and considered. Issues such as informed consent, collaboration, transparent and open decision making, and client empowerment are important to us. We know that building and maintaining trust is a huge factor in patient engagement, treatment outcomes, and relapse prevention. We use best practices to make sure you will always feel safe, avoid re-traumatization, and maintain a communicative relationship with you.

Along with mental health treatments, you can work on your physical health with our exercise facilities, nutritional coaching, and getting plenty of rest. Resurgence is an environment that promotes relaxation, so you can gain the clarity and relaxation you need while rehabilitating.

Life at Resurgence is structured, and within our community-oriented environment, you will be able to get to the root of your addiction, regain control over your life, and find new ways to spend your time and life an independent, drug- and alcohol-free life.

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

At Resurgence, we accept most PPO insurance plans, and we can customize a plan to fit any budget, with payment plans for our cash clients. Our goal is to make detox and rehab available to anybody who needs it.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

How Long is Detox?

Every person is different, with different histories, physiological needs, goals, and health. Many factors affect the timeline of detox, including what substance you are detoxing from, how long you were using it, how you were using it (injecting, ingesting, snorting, etc), and how much you were taking at a time.

That being said, detox generally lasts about five days to two weeks.

  • In the first 6 to 12 hours you may feel anxiety, stomach issues, insomnia and headaches.
  • From 12 to 48 hours you may begin to hallucinate or have seizures if detoxing from alcohol.
  • From 48 to 72 hours your symptoms may escalate. You could experience high fevers, rapid heart rate, confusion and hallucinations. If detoxing from alcohol delirium tremens may set in at this time. This is the most dangerous period of detox where symptoms reach their peak, and you may require medical intervention to remain safe.
  • After 72 hours your symptoms will gradually decrease, and you will begin to feel a little better every day.

Detox is not easy, but if you choose to go through it with us, we can help you get through it as comfortably and safely as possible. At Resurgence, we monitor your progress 24 hours a day to ensure serious withdrawal symptoms do not happen.

How Long is Rehab?

Our rehabilitation programs can be customized to suit each client. It is strongly recommended to remain in our inpatient rehab for a minimum of 30 days, up to 90 days, and then transition into an outpatient program. The longer you remain in residential treatment, the less likely it is that relapse will occur.

Transitioning back to life after rehab can be difficult, especially when you find yourself back in the same situations with the same problems and triggers you had when you left to get help. At Resurgence, we can help with this in a few ways:

We offer referrals to sober living homes, so you can return to some aspects of your life like your job or seeing family and friends, but live in a structured environment that will hold you accountable and has strict rules against drug and alcohol use, and protocols like random drug testing in place.

Our outpatient programs can be customized to each patient. We have a partial hospitalization program (PHP) where you would live at home, but commute to spend full days at one of our treatment centers. We also offer intensive outpatient programs, that are created to fit around you having a job or returning to school or other responsibilities. You would live your normal life, but then attend therapy, groups, and other activities around your schedule.

We have a fantastic alumni network, people who have been or are currently in the same situation as you, that you can reach out to at any time. They host get-togethers, have meetings and groups, and have an online presence as well. These gatherings offer the opportunity to grow sober friendships. The alumni group offers mentorship and is a lasting support system, so you will always have somebody to reach out to long after completing treatment.

If relapse occurs, we are here to help you through it. You will never be alone in your recovery when you join us at Resurgence.

30 day (Short Term)

In a 30-day stay in our residential rehab program at Resurgence, you can achieve a lot. You will have a full month of therapy appointments, group meetings, healthy meals, and educational sessions. You will have plenty of time to rest and enjoy our community gatherings, game and movie nights, and off-campus trips to local attractions. Even just a 30 day stay in our rehab center will greatly lower your risk of relapse after treatment, and give you the time away from your everyday stresses and triggers so you can re-evaluate your life and decide what is truly important to you.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Long Term Rehab (60-90 days)

A longer stay in rehab is recommended for those who are high-risk or those who have a history of relapsing. Our 60- and 90-day programs are designed to give your days structure, keep you safe and supported, and provide you the community and therapy you need to be able to gain a new perspective on life. You will be surrounded by peers in our community-oriented facility, with access to exercise facilities, nutritional support, community gatherings, and off-campus outings. Our long-term treatment plans will ensure that by the time you are ready to go home, you will be equipped with the strategies, tools, and support you will need to live a self-directed sober life.

Couples Rehab

Sometimes if a couple uses drugs or alcohol together for a period of time, intimacy, emotional well-being, and physical and mental health can suffer in one or both partners. Your relationship can begin to revolve around the substance instead of each other, and you may find that the only time you enjoy being with your partner is when you are using together. You may prioritize the addiction over important events or find yourselves fighting or putting up with behaviors you wouldn’t normally tolerate because you or your partner were drunk or high.

If you find yourself making excuses for your partner’s behavior while drunk, high or hungover, if you are covering up for them when they are acting violent, sneaky, or irresponsible, or if you are having financial troubles due to addiction, it might be time to get help.

At Resurgence, we offer couples rehab as an option to address these issues. This program is for cases in which one or both partners have an addiction, and we can customize treatment to suit your particular needs and concerns.

You can check in together, and undergo individual treatments. You will also attend couples therapy together, which will help you avoid further damage to your relationship, more financial loss, emotional distance from your partner, and your declining physical and mental health. Most importantly, our rehab programs can help you avoid the cycle of further substance abuse by teaching healthy coping strategies and techniques while offering full support to you and your partner.

If needed, you and your partner can undergo medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to help you detox from drugs and alcohol as painlessly and safely as possible. MAT can also teach non-addicted partners about how to best support their partner’s recovery, alongside couples therapy.

During inpatient couples rehab, you will help each other and grow together as a couple, you will learn to keep each other accountable throughout your recovery, you will learn effective communication skills, and you will work on self-control and problem solving without the use of drugs or alcohol.

You can relearn to enjoy spending time together, work through issues, and become each other’s support system. You will learn about triggers, codependency, and enabling behaviors, and how to avoid them. Your behavioral and family therapy sessions will teach you new ways to interact, communicate, and increase the positivity and relationship satisfaction in your life.

If you and/or your partner have an addiction that is causing your intimacy to suffer, contact us and we can help you find that spark again and form a stronger, healthy, and sober emotional bond. Couples rehab can offer you a higher level of relationship satisfaction, and a higher chance of abstaining from drugs and alcohol in the long run.

Pet Friendly Rehab

Resurgence is pet-friendly, so you won’t have to worry about your pet’s care while you are in treatment; you can bring them along with you. At Resurgence, we have found that animals can provide motivation and a sense of well-being to our patients, and they also offer unconditional love and emotional support. Having a pet around can improve physical and mental well-being, and will help with feelings of stress or depression.

Bring your pet along with you to rehab, so you can focus on getting better, without having to worry whether or not they are being taken care of, or how to pay for boarding while you are away.

Does My Insurance Have Coverage for Rehab?

Rehab treatment is covered by insurance. Under the Affordable Care Act of 2010, addiction and mental health services are included as essential health benefits, and at Resurgence, we accept most PPO insurances. Each provider is different, so you will need to verify with your provider which specific treatments and medications will be covered under your plan.  

Sober-friendly attractions Near Round Rock

Rock’N River Water Park

This is a 150,000 square foot water park that is a family-friendly place with rentable cabanas and bungalows, waterslides, a swim-up concession, a lazy river, and more.

3300 E Palm Valley Blvd, Round Rock, TX 98665, USA

Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-In Cinema

This is an affordable, boutique drive-in movie theater that only takes 15-40 cars per night. This theater plays drive-in classics, childhood movies, art house, cult, and Gen X/Y pop culture favorites. They sell popcorn and candy, but you can bring your own food if you like.

800 Harrell Pkwy, Round Rock, TX 78665, USA

Board and Brush Workshops

Book a workshop at Board and Brush creative studio if you want to create something, release your inner DIY, or have fun with friends without having to buy all the supplies and make a mess in your own home. You can ask an instructor to teach you to make a wooden sign, including how to distress, sand, paint, and customize your personalized piece of art. You can also book a spot in one of their “pick your project” workshops, where you can learn to make a coat rack, clock, garden box, shelf, and more.

1700 E Palm Valley Blvd #470, Round Rock, TX 78664, USA

Virtropolis VR

This is a virtual reality facility, with multi-player, fully immersive VR adventures. They have live-action games, or you can go on dangerous adventures for an intense but fun escape from reality.

1401 S IH 35 Frontage Rd #170, Round Rock, TX 78664

Golf Clubs

Round Rock has two beautiful golf courses, the Teravista Golf Club and the Forest Creek Golf Course. They are both beautiful, and golfing can be a meditative and relaxing sport. All ages and abilities are welcome. The Teravista Course has recently been awarded as a “Beginner Friendly Course” by the National Golf Course Owners Association, so all ages and abilities are welcome. Forest Creek is a premier club that offers lessons and has a player-friendly atmosphere.

Teravista Golf Club

4333 Teravista Club Drive, Round Rock, TX 78665, USA

Forest Creek Golf Club

99 Twin Ridge Parkway, Round Rock, TX 78664, USA

Nearby areas and suburbs of Austin include Cedar Park, Lakeway, Brushy Creek, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Leander, Shady Hollow, Wells Branch, Georgetown, & Hutto. If you or a loved one are in need of addiction treatment please call Resurgence!

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Does your Insurance Cover Rehab?

At Resurgence, we accept most PPO insurance. Verify your insurance now.