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UMR Insurance Coverage for Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment

UMR does not directly provide medical insurance coverage itself; it is an insurance administrator for United Healthcare, which means it manages benefits and claims for workplace health insurance plans. If you have UMR through your workplace, you likely have its PPO (preferred provider organization) network plan, which allows you to see medical specialists without a referral and have access to a wide range of network providers. 


Navigating questions and concerns regarding health insurance can be difficult at the best of times. Attempting to determine what’s partially or fully covered by any insurer can be confusing. Resurgence Behavioral Health can help you determine your insurance coverage. If you are struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, we can walk you through our insurance verification and enrollment process, answering all of your questions and streamlining your path to treatment–and recovery.


What Is UMR Insurance & How Does It Work?

UMR handles the insurance claims for United Healthcare employer insurance packages. As an employee of a company that subscribes to UMR for insurance, you have United Healthcare (the insurer) and UMR, which processes the claims for the insurer. Effectively, UMR handles all the administrative details for United Healthcare Insurance in this regard. 


Depending on the type of plan you have through your workplace insurance, UMR will require you to pay a copay or meet your deductible. Some policyholders have a plan that they have to pay up to a certain point before their insurance begins to pick up the subsequent costs. For instance, a person may pay up to $4,000 before the insurance begins to pay for the rest of the treatment. Some plans, of course, do not involve a deductible, and insurance starts to pay from the start of treatment. 


What Are UMR’s Types of Plans?

UMR insurance plans are PPO plans, but the company also offers other insurance plans such as supplemental insurance, wellness programs, prescription drug programs, and stop-gap-insurance programs. Workplace plans through UMR also differ. 


Rehab Facilities That May Accept UMR

Resurgence Behavioral Health accepts UMR as a key out of network provider. Clients can contact us at 855-458-0050 to learn more detailed information about their coverage amounts. We offer a full range of substance abuse treatment that includes medical detox, inpatient rehab, and outpatient treatment programs. We also offer dual diagnosis treatment as well as other clinically driven therapies designed to support recovery.


Does UMR Insurance Cover Rehab Treatment?

Yes. UMR will approve health insurance claims for rehab treatment. In fact, today, most medical insurance providers do offer substance abuse treatment as mandated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Insurers must meet minimum coverage standards; however, many major insurance companies far exceed that minimum threshold. The amount of coverage any individual can count on depends on the specific plan they have.


How to Check Your UMR Insurance Coverage

You can check your insurance coverage for rehab and other treatments by contacting the number on your insurance plan card. However, you can also contact Resurgence Behavioral Health. We can help you determine your coverage amounts as we stay up to date with the various plans we accept at our rehab. We can answer your questions about your UMR insurance coverage. 


What Does UMR Insurance Cover?

UMR provides healthcare coverage for a wide range of medical treatments and care. For example, UMR approves coverage for preventative care and non-preventative care, prescriptions, hospitalization, emergency room care, specialist medical care, and more. The chief question many UMR policyholders have is how much coverage they have or how much of the cost UMR will pay. Generally, medical costs are paid partially or in full depending on the individual’s plan. UMR, like other medical insurers, does not generally approve cosmetic procedures or alternative treatments. For questions relating to specific coverage amounts for treatments, it’s best to contact the company. 


Does UMR Insurance Cover Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment?

Yes. UMR approves claims for mental health care and substance abuse treatment–both inpatient and outpatient treatment. Substance abuse treatment involves many different types of therapy, most of which will be partially or completely covered by insurance. By contacting UMR directly or Resurgence, you can find out how much coverage you have and what types of treatments it will cover. 


Does UMR Insurance Cover Inpatient Rehab?

Yes. UMR does approve medical insurance claims for inpatient rehab. Inpatient treatment may involve medical detox as well as rehab treatment; both programs are covered. Inpatient treatment offers the highest level of support for individuals with substance use disorders. Because these programs involve more care on a 24 hour basis, their cost is generally more than outpatient programs. Even so, clients can expect full or partial inpatient treatment coverage based on the type of plan they have with UMR.


Does UMR Insurance Cover Intensive Outpatient Rehab?

Intensive outpatient (IOP) programs involve about 10 hours of weekly rehab therapy for the duration of the treatment program. IOPs are a popular form of outpatient treatment because they tend to be flexible, which is ideal for people who want to continue to go to work or school or meet other obligations. UMR does provide coverage for this type of outpatient rehab treatment. 


Does UMR Insurance Cover Partial Hospitalization?

Partial hospitalization (PHP) programs offer a high degree of outpatient treatment support for clients. Although they do not provide the 24-hour support that an inpatient program usually provides, they do involve about 20 hours of rehab therapy each week for the length of the program. UMR, like other major insurance companies, does provide coverage for outpatient treatment programs such as PHP programs. 


How Long Will UMR Insurance Cover Rehab?

Most insurers do not post a specific time range for treatment duration because each person is different and has different needs. Generally, insurance companies like UMR provide inpatient coverage for up to six weeks and outpatient treatment coverage for up to 12 weeks. A person with a dual diagnosis, however, may require a longer course of treatment with ongoing care for their mental disorder. So, again, these time period approvals are a general rule of thumb but not set in stone for providers. Each individual and their claim is going to be slightly different. 


UMR Insurance May Offer Treatment Coverage for the Following Addictions

As an administrator for United Healthcare workplace insurance plans, UMR approves coverage for substance abuse disorders that include alcohol addiction, prescription drug addiction, and illicit drug addiction. Clients who have a dual diagnosis, which means the presence of a substance addiction and mental illness, can also expect covered treatment. The amount of coverage depends on the insurance plan specifics.


What Are the Options if UMR Insurance Does Not Cover the Cost of Rehab?

Typically, individuals with UMR do have partial or full coverage for their treatment. However, if a problem arises and the insurer does not provide coverage, we can discuss alternative methods of payment and financing. Although insurance coverage is convenient, it’s not the only way to pay for substance abuse treatment. When you call Resurgence, we can discuss alternative options to help you. 


Verify Your Insurance with Us

Resurgence Behavioral Health can verify your medical insurance quickly. Our insurance specialists work with UMR and other insurance companies each day. We’re familiar with insurance carriers and their plans. Our verification process is headache free. We can answer your coverage questions so you can complete enrollment and begin treatment. 


Next Steps with Insurance Coverage for Rehab Treatment with Resurgence Behavioral Health

After Resurgence Behavioral Health verifies your UMR insurance, you can complete the enrollment process. An evaluation of your health allows our clinicians to provide you with individualized treatment that addresses your specific needs. We’ve streamlined our enrollment process to be as quick as possible so that clients can begin treatment right away. Most people begin their recovery journey with medical detox. Detox addresses the physical aspect of the addiction. Some people enter our rehab having already completed detox. These individuals may progress directly to their rehab program. 


As a new Resurgence client, you may begin either inpatient or outpatient programming depending on your needs and preferences. Both types of treatment can help you achieve your recovery goals. Inpatient treatment is ideal for clients who are unstable and at risk for relapse–generally those who are at the very start of the recovery process. Outpatient programs are ideal for clients who remain stable enough to live at home and maintain their therapy schedule. 


Substance use disorders are serious conditions that do cause physical and mental health to erode. If you have UMR insurance–use it. Now is the best time to put a stop to your drinking or drug use. UMR insurance covers partial or all of medical care costs. Contact our insurance specialists so we can help you determine your coverage amounts and to begin the enrollment process. With treatment, you can put drug or alcohol dependence behind you where it belongs. We look forward to helping you transform your life and health for the better.

Does your Insurance Cover Rehab?

At Resurgence, we accept most PPO insurance. Verify your insurance now.